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The list of the best Australian Realtime Gaming casinos online

Atlanta, Georgia, 1998 – This is when and where Realtime Gaming also known as “RTG” was established and it became an industry leader in online gaming very quickly. It took the company only 9 years to be acquired by Hastings International in 2007 which was a subsidiary of th…

Atlanta, Georgia, 1998 – This is when and where Realtime Gaming also known as “RTG” was established and it became an industry leader in online gaming very quickly. It took the company only 9 years to be acquired by Hastings International in 2007 which was a subsidiary of the GBM Group out of Curacao.

Unlike most providers who left the American market in 2006 after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed, RTG kept their Atlanta office and was able to re-establish themselves within the American market.

In the United States RTG remains one of the few online gaming companies that accept real money wagers which resulted in their success and popularity, even though many iGaming members see their US affiliation as a negative influence.

Today RTG slots offer more than 300 games in various categories, the company operates them on thousands of platforms and enjoys worldwide recognition.

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Realtime Gaming Overview

What should be mentioned in the first place is that all of RTG games and casinos that are powered by it are tested and certified by Technical Systems Testing (TST), independent, reputable third-party auditing firm which is part of Gaming Labs International (GLI). Interactive Gaming Council and Interactive Gaming, Gambling and Betting Association is what RTG is also a member of.

So, what are RTG’s amazing features that everybody’s talking about? Let’s have a look:

  • Outstanding Interface and Graphics

This aspect is probably what you can’t take away from the developers. Smooth interface and easy navigation make the gaming experience so much more appealing. The graphics and animations will teleport you to a magical game theme.

  • Rich Choice of Games

RTG offers over 300 games from various categories, such as table games, progressive jackpots, live casino games, bingo and so on; all of these games include remarkable graphics and features

  • Software and Mobile

A ridiculously well-built strategy allows users at all RTG casinos to either download the RTG software to their computers (available on Windows PC and Mac) or play in instant mode, which means if you prefer to use your browser in order to hit the jackpot – you’re more than welcome to. Games also are mobile compatible and can adapt to any size.

  • Flexible Game Play

If you are a multitasking person and can handle multiple games simultaneously, then RTG slots got your back. Multi-table play is an option for a player as well as customizing the gameplay and audio controls while enjoying exceptional download speed.

Complaints on RTG Slots

It was in 2004 when the company hit the NBC news after refusing to pay one of its bettors a whopping $1.3 million which he allegedly won in an online blackjack game called “Caribbean 21”.

The player who was under the alias “Pirateofc21” brought his case to the light on the major online casino watchdog forum “Casinomeister.com”, after he became skeptical that RTG casino software developers would pay him his winnings through their licensee brands – Hamptoncasino.com and Delanocasino.com.

After numerous talks and hopes that his situation would be resolved, days went by only to make “Pirate” more furious.

Around mid-January, “Pirate” claimed that RTG audit resulted in a clean bill of health and they are supposed to release his accounts, which soon was followed by Hampton representative Ron Lewin’s offer to pay “Pirate” $4,000 a week which would take six and a half years to fully cover the debt. It was not long before RTG initiated a new investigation after discovering a forum post by “Pirate” in which he suggested that he hacked the game or in his own words “changed the game to favor me on multiple occasions at multiple casinos.”

After phone calls, back and forth accusations and RTG’s director of engineering, Michael McCain’s statement on Feb. 18 on the Casinomeister.com forum that forced RTG to refute the idea that a player could win by hacking the game, RTG’s president Michael Staw told MSNBC that a settlement had been reached and is expected to be finalized. This was concluded after Michael said that an unidentified third-party purchased Hamptoncasino.com from its acting owner and reached an agreement with “Pirate” to pay an undisclosed amount of debt.

RTG Casinos in Australia

As was mentioned previously, RTG operates worldwide and one of the most attractive territories appears to be Australia where Realtime Gaming became more and more popular within the past few years. Australian online RTG casinos are the best choice for Australians due to special bonuses, holiday bonuses and deposit bonuses offered to locals, which naturally derives from fierce competition in the market.

The benefits of choosing the best RTG casino Australia are aspects like support staff being able to deal with your needs during the hours when most people in Australia are awake, as well as:

  • Local payment methods
  • The ability to use the local currency
  • Playing with countrymates
  • Comfortable housie games

Besides, there is a reason why more than 100 AUS online casinos are using RTG software, as it appears to offer players outstanding gaming experience with their excellent features and functionality.

The Australian Privilege

Why are we talking about Australia again? Well, there is a reason, and here is why – Top RTG casinos accepting Australian players are actually offering something very unique which is called “No Deposit Bonus”.

Apparently, Casino Gods have blessed Australia with no deposit bonus, which means you’re not required to deposit any funds to get free spins on registration. YES! You read it right!

But to be real, the real reason behind NDB is most likely an utter tight competition in the market, hence a need to appease to a newcomer with various offers ‘masked’ under excuses to ‘explore’ their possibilities and try themselves at a chance to hit it BIG!

Yet, just like every candy comes with a toothache, there are three major types of NDB for Australian online RTG casinos:

  • Free Credits or Cash: As an incentive, the casino offers a startup of creed credits or cash in a range between $5 to $25
  • Free Spins: A specific number of free spins is offered on a certain slot or range of slots which can be anything from 10 to 50 or more. This one is probably most user-friendly as it is not time-restricted.
  • Free Credits with Time: Tricky one, one might think, but essentially you can get the most out of this offer as it can be anywhere from $200 to $3000. The catch is that you’ll have to use them within a specified period of time, for example, it could be an hour.

A piece of advice for Australians

With absolute confidence, I can foresee your first question – “But, when is the best situation to choose no deposit casino?”

I’m here for you fellas and will tell you that new RTG casinos Australia usually drop the best offers to promote themselves, thus I can give you several suggestions:

  1. Are you a new player with no experience and would like to test the waters without spending your own money? – Get on board then!
  2. A pro, trying to demonstrate your skills elsewhere? – You can’t miss this opportunity!
  3. A regular player who is looking for a new casino, but have trust issues? – You fit in!
  4. Maybe you are a savings fanatic and would like to raise your bankroll without spending a penny? – Give it a shot!

There are specific steps to follow in order to claim the bonus, so be very cautious and attentive not to miss out.

Top games by Realtime Gaming

After all the praise we gave to RTG slots about how charming, exciting and entertaining they are, it’s time to select some of the leading contenders before we get to the champion.

When we’re talking about excitement, that would probably be an implication of more zeros at the end, am I right? Therefore we’re going to look at Jackpot Progressives which bring a ton of thrills and adrenaline rush.

Shopping Spree [1, 2]

It’s probably no secret to all of us that shopping sprees (especially with massive sales) are one of the most joyful activities we can do. Just like in real life, this jackpot progressive game requires a “sale” signs to make it rain! It has been recorded that the biggest progressive jackpot that a player won was over a million dollars (Talk about heart attacks…). The game can also spoil you with occasional free spins which increases your chances to get a massive win!

Cleopatra’s Gold

Besides being considered as the most beautiful mistress in the whole of Egypt, Cleopatra was also believed to bring luck, money, and power to whomever she’d tie her life to. In this slot game, you can dive into the Egyptian reality, where you can stumble upon Cleopatra herself, ancient pyramids and hieroglyphs. Who wouldn’t want to claim all the Egypt’s riches? You’ve got a chance!

Spirit of the Inca

The uniqueness of this game is that instead of one single massive jackpot, you can win 5 different ones: Minor, mini, major, maxi and grand. According to history, nothing can be more adventurous than searching for a treasure through jungles, so get in your boots, because there’s practically no chance to lose in this one.

Megasaur Slot

There are probably two types of people in this world when it comes to the first thing that hits you thinking about dinosaurs; 1) T-Rex; 2) Ross Geller. I don’t know how about you fellas, but I’d definitely take a tour to Jurassic World with Ross Geller to my left and Chris Pratt to my right. Get on the board, don’t forget encyclopedia and start winning tons of money while having endless fun!

Aztec’s Millions (The Undisputed Champion of the World)

All jokes aside, this is serious business boys and girls! Now if you have ever dreamt of being closer financially to Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, you have got to try Aztec’s Millions, because the name speaks for itself. Besides having a genuinely fun theme and structure to it, people all around the world trust RTG slots the most when it comes to progressive jackpots, it’s safe, secure and most importantly – regulated!

Since Realtime Gaming offers a lot of slot games, live casinos, etc.,  and probably most of you don’t have time to go through all 300+ of them, let’s make a list of the most popular ones which should not leave you a disappointed gambler.

  • Let’s start with I’d say the most popular slot game – “Fruit Frenzy:”

One of the first things that a player will notice is how fruits are characters of the circus-like theme. A strawberry daredevil, an orange clown and a plum holding popcorn. Fruit Frenzy is a 25-pay-line progressive slot with random jackpots, east-to-trigger free spins and much more.

Many other software developers tried to copy RTG’s game theme of Fruit Frenzy, but this one remains a leader amongst its counterparts.

  • Who’d be a runner-up you may think? Our second-best candidate would be “Achilles:”

Unlike Fruit Frenzy, Achilles actually operates with 20 pay-lines and offers free spins in two cases: when there are at least three Troy symbols or three or more Achilles symbols. If you’re lucky enough to trigger free spins, you can up to 25 of them with x3 multiplier.

Besides having a jackpot as a big plus, it is a theme of ancient Greece, which makes the game colorful with beautiful design.

  • Number 3 on our list is a slot game named “Ronin:”

Ronin is pretty popular as well, it’s a 5 reel and 20 pay-line slot game with a pretty awesome respin feature which you get from 3 to 10 while the middle reel is wild.

The game itself has an Asian inspired design with two main symbols Ronin and Koku. It’s worth mentioning that the game is very old, but if you land 5 scatters, a huge 500x total bet is waiting for you.

  • Next and number 4 contender is a progressive jackpot slot game “Jackpot Pinatas:”

It is a 5 reel and 20 pay-line slot game, sounds pretty typical? Except that it’s pretty expensive, like $5 for 20 pay-lines expensive. So it’s mostly for high rollers, people who like to risk on every spin.  What is really appealing is a very positive Mexican theme with sombreros, fireworks, gifts, and lemons. Be careful with your bankroll when you play this one!