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Rabcat-powered casinos in Australia and things to know about them

Writing a review of a software provider like Rabcat is always a treat for anybody. Simply seeing the quality and effort this company puts in its games is already enough to give them a five-star rating, but we’re not about that in this article. This article will be dedicated to in…

Writing a review of a software provider like Rabcat is always a treat for anybody. Simply seeing the quality and effort this company puts in its games is already enough to give them a five-star rating, but we’re not about that in this article.

This article will be dedicated to introducing AU Rabcat software to the readers and trying to explain what makes them such a formidable opponent to large corporations such as Microgaming and Betsoft.

In the article, we will be talking about the background history of Rabcat as a company, the ventures they’ve taken part in, the number of casinos they’re catering to at the moment and the general value that their games provide.

But just talking about it is boring right? We will be explaining the games in detail and even showing some pictures of what they look like, what to expect from them and what helps them stand out from the rest of the games available on Rabcat Australia casinos available today.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

The best Australian online casinos with Rabcat software

Use the list below to save time and start gambling right away. The list includes some of the best online casinos in Australia that offer games developed by Rabcat.

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About Rabcat software

Rabcat is an Austrian company. It was founded in Vienna in 2001 and has been an extremely good performer ever since.

The good news about Rabcat is that they’re not exclusively a casino software provider. They have also serviced several large game developer studios like Blizzard, Riot Games, Rockstar Games and etc. What on earth would they provide for them you ask? Designs, art and skin ideas.

Yes, Rabcat is one of the strongest software providers we’ve seen in terms of graphic designers, as well as game designers.

It is actually one of the biggest reasons why Rabcat casinos in Australia are thriving as we speak, the quality this provider brings to the casino simply cannot be rivaled. And they can do this with just over a dozen games while others fail with hundreds of slots.

There are more than 50 casinos in the world that feature Rabcat slots, but only a few of them have access to Australian players. Don’t worry though, there is still more than enough space to accommodate Aussies.

The language we’ve used to describe Rabcat as a company should have intrigued you enough to want to see their games right? Well, let’s not waste any more time and take a look at them together.

We’re going to offer you four-game reviews, but there are 15 Aussie Rabcat casinos slots available right now.

Notable Rabcat casino slots

We won’t be just handpicking these games out of nowhere. We’ve tried all of the available games out and are trying to somehow rank them in the eyes of regular players. Therefore, we will be taking a look at the design of the game, how fast the process is and how many unique and “different” features they provide to the players.

And, of course, we’ll be paying attention to how much you can generate by playing them.

Moby Dick

Moby Dick was the first game that caught our eye simply because of the name of the game itself. We’ve all read the book and know about the notorious sperm whale called Moby Dick, well the developer decided that it would be a perfect setting of a casino game.

They were actually right as Moby Dick is one of the best performing Aussie Rabcat online casino slots to date, but to be fair, it’s not that hard to beat the other 14 available games. Nevertheless, let’s get to reviewing.

The game on its surface is quite simple, which is something every developer should be striving for. It has 5 reels in total, with three rows and five columns. There are over two dozen paylines for players to choose from, but that’s not the main value of the game.

The best feature is the “freezing reels” feature. This happens when a combination is received during a spin. The combination remains in place when a bonus spin is initiated. As long as there are similar symbols appearing during other spins, the frozen combination will increase and basically generate free spins for the players.

It only stops if players get a free spins bonus from four scatter symbols or if there are no more symbols to add to the combination. Naturally, this is a great way to maximize profits on a single spin.

The other great feature is the free spins bonus that has been dominating AU Rabcat casinos for a while now. The feature introduces wild symbols that take part in the “frozen reels” feature. The more wilds you get in your combination, the bigger the payout will be.

Overall, the game has a 96% RTP rating which is great for both profits and entertainment. And the game sure is entertaining. Rabcat didn’t shy away from adding some fun animations and videos inside of the game itself.

Castlebuilder 2

Castlebuilder 2 is yet another amazing slots game from Rabcat. Why is it amazing? Well, it’s more like an RPG video game than a slot, we’ll explain why in just a second. Let’s just set the tone first.

The game revolves around the player building castles, which lead to great bonuses at the end of the construction. It’s based on the medieval marital system, where the richer the groom, the higher the payout. Yeah, we’ve advanced from these times but nobody said we can’t play with them right?

The reason why Castlebuilder 2 is one of the most popular Aussie Rabcat casino slots available right now, is because the game gives you a choice. You can choose between three builders, but only two are available before you progress, Sam and Mandy. They both come with their own perks and advantages.

Ok, moving onto the slot itself now. The game has 5 reels in total, three rows and five columns. It comes with the free spins bonus as well as wild symbols on nearly every single spin. But, the weirdest part about Castlebuilder is that wilds and bonuses are not its primary focus. The most important symbol you can get is “Iron ore” Why? Because you use it to build the castle!

The whole game revolves around building a castle. The more “expensive” materials you use, the better the castle will be, therefore the richer the grooms will be who appear later to woo your princess.

Operators have thought for a long time how to incorporate Castlebuilder in their Australia Rabcat no deposit bonus code promotions, but simply couldn’t because it’s so unique, therefore it may be hard to find some really beneficial bonuses aside from free spins.

The reason why free spins are great is that they have increased chances of landing better quality materials. You need to gather at least 6 of these materials to build one part of the castle. There are 6 parts in total, therefore you need 36 parts to finish building. If it’s exceptional quality rich grooms will appear at the end of the construction.

It will be up to you to choose one randomly. There’s a chance to get a poor bloke, an average fella, and a rich hunk. So, choose carefully.

Dragon’s myth

And here we go with yet another favorite Aussie Rabcat online casino slot, but this time it’s about mythology. We all like dragons right? Well, Rabcat does too, so much in fact, that they modeled their whole game around it.

Once again, the surface of the game looks quite simple but it has more features than you can ever imagine. Let’s start with some of the most basic explanations.

It has 5 reels in total, which is comprised of three rows and five columns. There are around 40 paylines with free spins, wild symbols, and even bonus symbols during certain features. But, let’s get to explaining why this game is so unique.

The last Symbol of the 5th reel always has this cage-type border around it. This is because it can trap dragons and use them for additional bonuses in the future. Depending on which types of dragons you capture, the bonus will vary.

For example, if you catch four red dragons you’ll get the most out of it. As you can see, you need to catch four to get the bonus. This is why we enjoyed the slot so much, simply because it has one of the best Rabcat casino bonus features Australia can offer, but it doesn’t end there.

The real bonus comes when players score the free spins feature. During these free spins, there’s a chance to get a “bonus symbol”. What this bonus symbol does is it a) adds 3 free spins to the player and b) introduces another feature that allows the player to have a fixed wild symbol on either reel 2 or reel 4.

You can already see why this game is so beloved, and most of all, so profitable.

Legend of Olympus

It seems that it’s impossible for a software provider to not feature a game about Greek mythology and Rabcat is no exception. However, it could be said that Rabcat Software managed to hit the mark with its design.

It has incorporated nearly every god in the game without making it boring or redundant in the eyes of the players.

For example, the game itself is yet again quite simple but is teeming with additional features. It has 5 reels as usual, with three rows and five columns. There are 25 paylines which translates into multiple combinations for your profitability.

The bread and butter of the game is the “bonus feature” which occurs every now and then. In order to trigger this feature, players need to get at least three of these symbols, after which you will get a game of coin-toss. The players will have three chances to land a golden coin, which determines whether you win or not. If you win twice, you get to choose a large chest for a bonus, and if you win three times, then you’re guaranteed a massive profit on your bet.

Australian Rabcat no deposit bonuses are also sometimes focused on the Legends of Olympus game, by simply allowing the players to have a better chance of scoring these bonus features. But it’s not always the case.

Next comes the free spins bonus, which is actually your run-of-the-mill 10 free spins with additional wild symbols. Other than that the game is quite plain, besides that one “Gamble feature” that we need to talk about.

The gamble feature is actually present in every single Rabcat game, it’s just that Legend of Olympus makes it much more relevant. The game is quite simple if you guess the color of the card, your profits double if you don’t then you lose everything. Note that this is optional.

Rabcat in a nutshell

As you’ve already seen the games, it’s probably very easy for you to determine the values and the Unique Selling Point that the developer is trying to achieve here. They’re primarily focusing on providing the best designed and feature-rich slots as they possibly can.

That is why people are always searching for top Rabcat online casinos accepting Australian players all over the internet.

The developers are very delinquent to what topics they touch, and once they’ve made a decision they completely own it. It’s now very hard to determine if there are any other software providers in the gambling industry that have a better Greek game or a better dragon game than Rabcat.

Overall, we suggest you give Rabcat slots a try, they’re fun and their RTP is actually quite high. The lowest we saw was 95%, which is still quite high for industry standards.

But we can’t end the article at that sidenote, we still have some questions to answer. Questions that are usually asked by beginners that get captivated by Rabcat’s game design. So why not tackle some frequently asked questions right here, and try to answer them to the T.

FAQ about Rabcat slots

What is a reel?

A reel is a very important part of a Rabcat online slots game. In fact, it’s a very important part in any other slots games. Reels are actually the columns that do the spinning. You know? The ones that contain the symbols and start spinning once you press that button?

Yes, reels can be referred to as the backbone of any slots game, it’s impossible to have one without them.

Another important feature about reels is that they contain the symbols that are crucial for the combinations that make us profits. On the technical side, it’s a bit more complicated as every reel needs to adhere to an algorithm, and have cohesion with other ones. That’s why it’s so hard to make good slots games without messing up the whole system.

What types of symbols are there?

There are usually four types of symbols in most of the slots games available today. With AU Rabcat slots, it’s not uncommon to find five or even six types, but let’s cover the base level first. It will be hard to explain it in one answer, so we have to segment each type to make it as understandable as possible.

A normal symbol

A normal symbol is something which is overwhelmingly common. Things like the random letters and numbers you see on the reels are often what is referred to as a normal symbol. They’re called normals because they’re the easiest to get but pay the least. However, there are certain combinations of normals that could lead to even a jackpot.

Sidenote, did you know that those letters in the normal symbols represent cards? J for Jack, Q for Queen, K for King and A for Ace.

A unique symbol

A unique symbol is anything that isn’t a normal symbol. Pretty easy explanation right? Well, it sometimes gets complicated. Whenever Aussie Rabcat online casinos try to make promotions, they have to re-classify these unique symbols.

These symbols are usually custom pictures. For example, in the Dragon’s Myth slot, all of the dragon symbols would be referred to as uniques.

A wild symbol

A wild symbol is what we like to call a shapeshifting symbol. This symbol can take the class of any other symbol and contribute to any combination besides the bonus symbols.

The more of these symbols you get during a spin, the more profit you can expect. Some games are even built solely upon wild symbols, but Rabcat tends to shy away from them in favor of those bonus features we just talked about in the game reviews.

The bonus symbol

There are two types of bonus symbols. These can lead to free spins as well as a flat amount of cash as a gift. That’s why we say that most Rabcat casinos in Australia focus on these symbols when they want to make a bonus promotion or something.

The easiest way to explain them is to refer to the Legend of Olympus slot. Remember that there were both flat cash bonuses and free spins as well? That’s how bonus symbols usually act.

What types of bonuses are there?

There are lots of bonuses that a casino may offer you. Usually, they’re something resembling free spins, but we believe that every casino bonus leads to free spins in a sense.

The most common bonus you will see will be the Rabcat online casino deposit bonus, which helps players to get much more from the funds they deposit. For example, if you deposit $100 and the bonus is 100%, you’ll have $200 in total after the transaction.

That’s why we refer to these bonuses like free spins regardless of what they call them. Because you’re basically getting free spins in the form of cash rather than confined to one specific game.

What does RTP mean?

RTP stands for Return to Player. It is in its core a rough estimate from the developers themselves what type of winnings a player should expect from the slots game. It’s hard to find anything below a 90% RTP, but there have been cases in the past.

Still, though, it’s a rough estimate so don’t think that it’s guaranteed. But, it can still work as a great way to filter through the games you want or don’t want to play.