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Pragmatic Play online slots and where to find them

Pragmatic Play is yet another software provider in the modern gambling industry, and they deserve a mention one way or another. The company is one of the most staunch competitors on the market right now and hundreds of casinos are happy to list their games. Although Pragmatic Pla…

Pragmatic Play is yet another software provider in the modern gambling industry, and they deserve a mention one way or another. The company is one of the most staunch competitors on the market right now and hundreds of casinos are happy to list their games.

Although Pragmatic Play Australian online casino games may seem nothing but old news now, the company is still churning our new games every year and trying to push the understanding of how these games should look like, what they need to play like and the overall understanding of developing casino games.

We will try to teach you how these games are designed, what are their core features, what you need to use as a filter for choosing the best one and the overall basics of gambling in the digital world.

A list of the most exciting Pragmatic Play casinos in Australia

Make the right choice! Pick one casino from the list we have carefully researched and put together for your convenience, sign up on it, and start playing Pragmatic Play online slots.

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About Pragmatic Play software

In this article, we will focus on Pragmatic Play’s history as a company, the journey they’ve traveled and what got them to where they are now. Furthermore, we will be taking a look at some of their most popular games available on hundreds of casinos, so that players get a taste of what to expect from the provider.

Pragmatic Play was first founded in 2007 which gives it more than a decade of experience developing software for the most popular casinos in the world. In fact, it’s believed that Pragmatic Play online casinos in Australia are the best-performing companies, which makes sense based on how many Aussies like to gamble, but the games do their charm as well.

The company has an estimated 80 people team which is more than enough to produce the number of games they churn out every year. The development, design and gameplay creation are absolutely essential for a software provider and Pragmatic Play has all of that covered.

Estimates also show that the company has a revenue of around $2 million every single year, but it’s definitely not accurate. The company has already created more than 80 HTML games which can be found in casinos all over the world.

In order to truly understand the style and focus that Pragmatic Play likes to take with its games, we need to look at a few of them at least.

Best Pragmatic Play slots

Although Pragmatic Play develops more than just slots, these types of games are still the best indicator of their quality. The level of design and fairness always speaks volumes about the company and what they’re all about.

Therefore, we will be focusing on the best Pragmatic Play Australian online slots available in casinos all over the world.

John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure

This slot game may not look like something very unique when compared to other developers, but for Pragmatic Play it’s one of the best ways to describe the company’s policy of making these slots.

The game is centered around a South American jungle type of vibe, with exotic creatures, exploration and etc, very Indiana Jones type of vibes, which are now quite familiar for the players.

The best thing about the slot is that it has a bunch of reels, therefore giving players the opportunity for multiple combinations. There are a total of 5 reels meaning the game is a 6×5 slot, but that’s not the only hidden secret about John Hunter slot.

The game has mega icons, meaning that several reels combine into one giant icon, leading to combination paying much more than they would with a single reel symbol. The best part is that bonuses and wilds also come in mega-icons, therefore potentially doubling or tripling the added bonuses.

In terms of mechanics Pragmatic Play software have always liked to keep it simple, and the John Hunter slot is no different. The main bread and butter of this game comes during the free spins phase, where players can earn up to 40 free spins worth of winnings.

During these free spins, there’s another “spin” at the top of the game where the multiplier is being decided. If for example, you get a x10 multiplier during that “upper spin” all the profit you make during the original spin of the reels will be increased by ten, but that much is obvious. What’s great about this feature is that if players get at least two bonus symbols during a free spin it will introduce another version of the “free spins”, but the fun part is that the multiplier stays.

Therefore there’s a chance you get a x10 multiplier and 15 free spins on top of that, potentially making you x1000 of you initial bet.

What Pragmatic Play is trying to say with this feature is that simplicity is their style, but they don’t shy away from profits, which is why some of the best Australia Pragmatic Play casinos are becoming world-class for their payouts to clients.

Sweet Bonanza

The word Bonanza should already trigger the green dollar bills in some veteran gamblers’ eyes. It has been confirmed that Bonanza games are always some of the most profitable games to play regardless of which developer they’re coming from.

However, Pragmatic Play managed to double that value with Sweet Bonanza by adding features nobody else currently has in these types of games. But teasing it won’t do too much right now, let’s just find out straight away.

The game has 6 reels, meaning five rows and six columns. The best part of this game is that it has rolling reels, which adds even more value on top of the massive profitability. It’s a given that fruit games are always fun to play, but once we add rolling reels it adds that extra bit of excitement to every spin.

There are more than 25 paylines and combinations that players can profit off of, putting Sweet Bonanza as one of the most demanded Pragmatic Play bonus in Australia simply because of the entertainment value.

The game also has this unique feature of increasing your chances to get free spins, where the bulk of the value lies in. Players can increase their bets to around $25 per spin, which increases the chance to get four bonus symbols, which is the minimum required to trigger the free spins, or they can simply spend some of their deposits to buy the free spins feature, but it may cost quite a lot if you’re betting too much.

However, the free spins bonus comes with its own amazing benefits. On every spin, there’s a chance that players will get a multiplier “bomb”. In order for that multiplier bomb to tigger, it’s mandatory to get at least one combination correctly. But this may be anticlimactic for some readers right now, as they’ve all seen multipliers on free spins, well maybe not at a scope that Sweet Bonanza offers.

There’s even a chance to get x100 multipliers on a rolling reel, which translates into potential x1000 of your initial bet.

Once again these types of Pragmatic Play mobile AU slots are what get casinos interested in this developer. Covering all aspects of entertainment, anticipation and a beneficial payout is all that a software developer should be about, and Pragmatic Play manages to tick all of those boxes so far.

The Champions

If you’re a football fan and let’s face it who isn’t, then you will find The Champions as your type of slots game.

Pragmatic Play didn’t shy away from allowing players to choose their preferred nationality before they even begin to play. There are multiple options of countries from every single continent in the world.

But let’s focus on the gameplay in itself. The Champions has a very unique feature that is actually quite hard to find elsewhere. For example, have you ever seen a slots game allow you to target a reel?

Yes, it’s quite rare, but The Champions allows players to decide on which reel they want to target, and if during a spin that reel has a ball symbol on it, then players will get free spins and multipliers. The more times you “hit” the ball with your target, the multiplier increases by +2 and gives 10 additional spins as well.

When it comes to profitability this game is all about the base, rather than the bonus. But based on the fact that they have the Australian attire as symbols, it’s pretty obvious that The Champions is one of the most popular slots on Australian Pragmatic Play-powered Australian casinos out there.

The bonus is basically just a couple penalty kicks. Players get to choose between four different targets and hope that the goalkeeper doesn’t predict the shot and doesn’t catch it.

As long as you can score more than the goalkeeper can save, you’ll get a pretty nice bonus at the end of the penalties.

But considering how hard it is to predict penalty shots, it’s pretty easy for the players to score the goals regardless of where they aim.

As already mentioned, The Champions, just as any other Pragmatic Play slots is oriented on generating the player as much profit as possible, all of that while spinning on their own national team’s equipment.

Mustang Gold

Mustang Gold is yet another great example of how diverse Pragmatic Play software makes their games. The additional features and the difference in design is easily spotted with every developer, but here we can clearly see it play out right in front of us.

Mustang Gold is your run of the mill 3×5 slots game with a little twist that could lead to potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in winnings. Here’s how that would work.

Once you press the spin button, you’ll notice some horseshoes that have specific numbers written on them. Those are the collection symbols. If you get at least six of them on a single spin, then they will all combine the numbers and give you the equivalent as winnings.

Here’s the great part though. If you’re able to get three scatter symbols during a spin, you enter a free spins level. During the free spins, you have a chance to get an additional symbol called “collection” it looks like a golden sheriff’s badge.

Basically what the sheriff’s badge does is that it ignores the six symbol minimum and collects all the winnings from the horseshoes regardless of how many of them appear during a spin. Later on though, we enter the “Jackpot” sequence, which is arguably one of the most exciting parts of this game.

This jackpot game is arguably the reason why Mustang Gold is one of the, if not the best Pragmatic Play slots on mobile in Australia to date. The players get 5 reels of a choice. Every horseshoe symbol contains a word. It is either “Minor”, “Mini”, “Major” or “Grand”. Depending on which word you get three of, your jackpot will be equivalent to the number displayed at the top of the slot.

Naturally, it’s best to get the Grand jackpot, but that could be a bit tricky.

Regardless though, Mustang Gold is a perfect example of what Pragmatic Play games can do to a player’s account.

Pragmatic Play and its values

As you can see from the examples of some of the most popular Pragmatic Play slots, the software provider is all about entertaining and keeping the players’ accounts operation for more fun with the casino.

That is one of the reasons why some of the best Pragmatic Play casinos in Australia have a natural edge over their competitors who refuse to feature this provider.

Overall, once you register on a casino’s platform and notice that they have Pragmatic Play slots available, be sure that this casino can be trusted. Much like Microgaming, Pragmatic Play has basically become a badge of trustworthiness to any casino willing to be competitive in the modern gambling world.

However, in order to stay competitive, they need to have customers who are well versed in the gambling scene, and in order to do that, they need to provide some useful knowledge about the games.

We will also try to give you some basic information on what you should be keeping an eye on when playing Pragmatic Play games. Let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

FAQ about gambling basics

If you’re a beginner, than some of the words we’ve just mentioned in the article may have been alien to you, which is understandable, we’ve all been beginners at some point.

But instead of you having to play through multiple games in order to learn the gambling language, why not take a look at our explanations of several terms and try to memorize them for your future bets?

What is a Reel?

You’ve probably noticed the number of times we’ve mentioned reels. What are reels and why are they so common? Every single Pragmatic Play Aussie slot or otherwise consists of reels. These are the “repositories” that contain the symbols that we’ve been talking so highly of.

Whenever we mention that a slots game is 4×4, it means that it has four rows and four columns. This means that there are 4 reels in total, which helps us differentiate and classify several sections of the game.

For example, if we wanted to highlight the middle two reels of the last column, we’d had to explain it as the intersection of middle two rows and last column, but with reels, we can make the explanation much easier.

Furthermore, it gives developers the flexibility to do with a single reel as much as they want, therefore opening up opportunities for additional features in different games.

How many symbols are there?

Symbols come in different shapes and sizes, but in most cases they have similar classification on every single slots game you’ll see available from providers. Symbols are also one of the core aspects of Pragmatic Play deposit bonus codes in Australia casinos, as they revolve around combinations, special benefits and etc. It’s quite complicated to discuss right now, so let’s focus on the types of symbols first.

What should you expect to receive?

Normal Symbols

Normal symbols are the ones you’d see most commonly in any slots game regardless of who made it. With Pragmatic Play, it’s usually letters and some numbers. For example, J for Jack, Q for Queen and K for King. These symbols don’t bring too much in winnings if you get a good combination, but they’re a good “collateral” so to speak.

It’s good to have them around simply because it’s easy to see a combination with them due to how commonplace they are. But of course, you need to focus on getting as many combinations with the unique symbols as possible.

Speaking of which…

Unique Symbols

Unique Symbols are the ones that resemble the game’s name or the cover photo. Yes, that’s a very basic understanding, but that’s pretty much what it is. Unique symbols are anything that aren’t Normal symbols in a sense.

They’re the faces you’d most likely see on Australian Pragmatic Play deposit bonus promo code promotions and etc. They play the main role of “providers”, as getting a combination with them will bring the most in winnings.

Wild Symbols

Wilds are the bread and butter of slots games. They’re the symbols that help players get those Jackpot-worthy combinations in a single spin. But what are they?

Well, the easiest way to explain them is to call them a universal symbol. This means that whatever combination they are stuck inside, they will take the features of whatever symbol is creating that combination.

For example, let’s imagine that your game has five columns, and on one row you got 4 Js, but it’s not quite a combination unless you get 5. Luckily for you, the last column got you a Wild symbol. That wild will contribute to the combination and even add value due to its already high “price tag”.

Overall, wilds are the ones that earn you the most, not the bonuses.

Bonus and Scatter Symbols

Bonus and Scatter symbols are the rarest of the bunch. They’re the ones that get us to the bonus levels, where we can play with free spins or enjoy some really nice benefits such as a cash bonus or some kind of multiplier.

Bonus symbols are also quite commonplace with Pragmatic Play Austrlian deposit bonus casinos Australia likes to promote so much.

Anywhere you see a Pragmatic Play bonus being promoted, it’s almost guaranteed that these symbols are included. Plus, whatever those bonus offerings are, three bonus symbols in-game would pretty much get you the same deal.

What does RTP mean?

RTP is also quite a common thing to encounter when trying to choose a slots game to play. It’s an abbreviation of Return to Player. This indicates how much profit you should expect from the slots game if you’re lucky in most of the cases.

For example, let’s say that you started a spin with $100 and get a combination that matches your bet. If the RTP is 95%, you’ll get $95 instead of $100, but it’s still better than nothing.

Overall, beginners are always encouraged to use RTP as their main filter of the games they want to play. Usually high RTP games are less feature-rich, but entertaining games can be played after you’ve gathered some winnings with the formerly mentioned types.