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The best live casinos in Australia - pick and play [2022]

Live casino games are some of the most coveted by users online. Gambling is an age-old activity that has transformed itself in many ways on many occasions throughout history. The latest transformation that has swept over the industry was prompted by the popularization of the inte…

Live casino games are some of the most coveted by users online. Gambling is an age-old activity that has transformed itself in many ways on many occasions throughout history. The latest transformation that has swept over the industry was prompted by the popularization of the internet. Many people who used to visit land-based casinos to gamble have switched to online platforms. Even more, who didn’t have access to these services before, joined the community. This caused a huge transformation in the industry, in the process of which, many new benefits were discovered, but some were also lost.

The importance of AU live casinos in the modern gambling industry is huge. For a long time, land-based casinos served a social function as well. Casinos were a place for people to get together and socialize. There was a peculiar atmosphere in these locations that was hard to find anywhere else. With the introduction of online gambling, that aspect was compromised. Sitting in front of a computer alone, at home or in the office, eliminated the social aspect of gambling altogether. The atmosphere that attracted so many people was lost as well. Because of the benefits offered by online gambling, it still managed to become ubiquitous, but at a cost. Live dealer games in Australia, on the other hand, manage to replicate that atmosphere to an extent that brings back the appeal of land-based casinos to the online experience.

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If you’re not new to gambling, you might want to jump to the list of best live dealer casinos for Australians below. It contains our handpicked casinos that have been tried and tested for their services.

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How does live casino work?

If you’re new to gambling, you might not be familiar with what live-dealer games are. In a standard casino game, be it a slot or a table game, you get a graphical representation of a slot machine or a table with all of its equipment. So, if you are playing Roulette, you’ll see computer-generated imagery of a wheel and the table. With the live AU casino, however, you will be looking at a live stream of a real table set up somewhere in the physical world with a human dealer. So whatever you are seeing on your computer screen is actually happening somewhere out there, as opposed to the standard games, where everything is a product of computer code.

Sometimes, you’ll see that live casino games carry the name of a particular casino. This means that the table you’ll be looking at will be set up in that particular land-based casino. Online gambling platforms might offer the same live casino Australia games, but under two different names because they are set up in different casinos. Once you’ve tried your hand at several of this game, you’ll quickly figure out which one you prefer. Remember that live casinos are all about the atmosphere, so even if the game is the same in every way, you might still have a strong preference of one over the other.

Pros & Cons of live casino games

Aussie live casino games are in high demand among many members of the community and for a reason. They were created to fill a void that was left by the digitization of gambling. However, these games have some drawbacks as well. We will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of live casino games below.


One of the biggest advantages of live dealer games is that they manage to replicate the feeling of a real land-based casino much closer than the standard games. If you are someone that enjoys the social aspect of gambling but don’t want to travel for hours to reach the nearest casino, you can simply open your computer and play Australian live casino games. Although you might not feel completely like you’re actually there, the experience is much more immersive.

Some live casino games also enable you to communicate with the dealer through a chat box. When you are playing alone, you rarely can do this. Even if you can, you’ll be talking to what will appear as usernames. With these games, on the other hand, there’s an actual person on your screen that you can ask questions or give feedback to. While this might not make a difference in the result of your gambling, it does make the game more enjoyable for many people. After all, communication with the dealer is a big part of the gambling at land-based casinos. Live online casino AU games manage to replicate this feature as well.

The next feature is not necessarily an advantage of live casino games, or it shouldn’t be one. However, many gamblers find relief in knowing that the events they are observing on their screen are not determined by computer code. This inherent distrusts towards algorithms is a huge part of the online gambling community. When you are playing a standard game at an online casino, you should’ve done research on the reliability of the platform and should be sure that it’s not tricking you in any way. However, when the whole process of the game is a result of a code that someone in the gambling business wrote, you might feel like you’re being taken advantage of. With Aussie live dealer casinos, the outcome of the games is determined by the events in the physical world. You can see clearly how the ball bounces on the Roulette wheel and how the dealer shuffles the decks. This does provide certain relief to some gamblers.


There are some disadvantages that live casino games have that can’t be ignored. For one, they don’t allow for as much creativity when it comes to the design. Although in these games the control table will still be graphically generated, the majority of the game is a live feed. As a result, there’s no room for cool graphics and animations which are a trademark of many casino games. It is especially true for themed games that introduce a storytelling element into the gameplay. All of this is practically absent from the Australian live casinos.

Another thing about these games is that they are quite expensive for the casinos to host. Due to this, you won’t find as big of a selection of live dealer games as you will for the standard ones. If you get bored with one game, you won’t have a lot of options to consider. For gamblers who frequently switch from one game to another, this might pose a hindrance. When you are looking for the best live casino in Australia to open an account on, you’ll have to consider its selection of live dealer games as well.

What to look for in a live casino platform

When you are looking for a live casino platform to play live dealer games, you will have to take several things into consideration. Oftentimes, new gamblers will hop on the first train and miss out on great opportunities blinded by what seem to be great offers. The gambling industry is quite a competitive one, so it’s not uncommon for casinos to offer bonuses that sound extremely appealing. You shouldn’t go for the first one out of the fear of missing out. Instead, you should take your time and deliberate on which AU live casino online website to open an account on. To guide you through the process, we’ve gathered some of the most important issues you have to pay attention to in the process.

Selection of games

As we mentioned, live casino games are quite expensive for platforms to host. As a result, the selection might be much smaller than what you’ll get with the standard games. If you’re set on playing the Aussie live dealer casino games, you’ll want to make sure that you’ll have a few options to choose from. Although you might like one or two games now and think that it is enough, you could get bored with these games and you will be forced to look for a new website if there are no more to choose from.

Although you might be primarily interested in live casino games, that doesn’t mean that you won’t try your luck at the standard games or slots at all. Most gambling platforms will offer both live casino games as well as the standard ones. If you are at least somewhat interested in these options, you’ll need to find an online live casino in Australia that also has a great selection of standard games. Look for variety as well as the numbers. In general, each game provider has its own unique style and approach. The more providers the casino uses, the more diverse its game selection will be.

Cross-platform availability

Mobile gambling is becoming increasingly more popular and if you’re one of those people who prefer using these devices over computers, you’ll need to make sure that the live casino you choose will be able to run smoothly on your smartphone as well. With live games, especially, the risk of getting an inferior mobile experience is very high. The design of the casino needs to be optimized to a smaller size of the screen. With having to fit the live feed as well as the controls of the game on a small screen, many live online casino Australia platforms come up with monstrous designs and although they might promise a mobile experience, you won’t actually enjoy it. As a result, it is up to you to check the validity of these claims and see how the live casino games run on your mobile phone. You can use the free versions of these games or just browsing mode to decide without having to deposit any money first.

If a casino has a dedicated mobile application, it is likely that you’ll get a better experience with live dealer games. Applications usually offer faster gameplay and a toolset that was designed specifically for mobile users. If you have to use the browser to access the casino live game in Australia on your phone, make sure that it is able to run as well as you would want to before you deposit money.


If you’ve dabbled in gambling at least for a short period of time, you’ll know about the importance of bonuses. These are various offers that casinos put out to attract new users. As the competition in the market is getting tougher, the bonuses are getting more generous. However, there are some pitfalls that you should avoid when considering different Aussie live casino bonus offers.

There are several kinds of bonuses. No deposit bonuses are awarded to the users after signing up on the platform. These offers don’t require you to make a deposit to be claimed, however, you might need to deposit money to be able to withdraw the winnings. No deposit bonus offers are quite rare and usually take the form of free cash or free spins. A more common type of a bonus that you’ll encounter will be a deposit bonus. Unlike the Australian live casino no deposit bonus offers, you have to first make a deposit to claim the bonus. Deposit bonuses might include free spins as well as match bonuses. Match bonuses will match your deposit by a certain percentage. Say, there’s a match bonus of 100%. This means that you’ll get an extra $100 to gamble with if you make a deposit of $100. Naturally, there will be some limit to this offer.

With the bonuses, one important thing to pay attention to is the wagering requirement. With most types of bonuses, including the AU live casino deposit bonus offers, you won’t get to withdraw the bonus cash directly. However, you’ll get to keep the winnings. In order to withdraw winnings, you’ll have to meet the wagering requirements that will specify how many times you have to bet the bonus amount. If the wagering requirement is too tough, no matter how generous the offer seems, you won’t be able to actually benefit from it. As a result, it’s always wise to check the requirements and take them into consideration when comparing different bonus offers.

Payment methods

When you’re dealing with an Australian live casino platform, you can’t forget about the payment methods either. You will need to move your money in and out of the account to be able to gamble and then keep the winnings. To do this, you’ll be asked to select a payment method. All of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, some people want to avoid the traditional banking channel and refrain from paying with debit/credit cards or via a bank transfer because of privacy issues. They don’t want their gambling history to be reflected on the bank statement. Alternatively, others who don’t care about these issues but want the simplest and most straightforward methods might choose cards over eWallets that require a separate account with its management. Recently, cryptocurrencies have also become a viable option for making deposits on live dealer casinos for Australians.

When you are choosing a live casino, you’ll want to go for the one that has the most suitable payment options for our preferences. Make sure that there are a few alternatives so that if you have to switch to another method, you don’t have to look for a new platform. Also, don’t forget to take into consideration the fees and limits. Limits determine how much you can deposit or withdraw at a time. The wider the range, the less constricted you’ll be. With a low withdrawal limit, people could get stuck withdrawing their winnings for weeks or months. Make sure that it doesn’t happen with the live casino AU platform you choose.