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Australian online casinos to play slots for real money [2022]

What are Aussie online casino slots? Well, they’re one of the if not the most popular gambling games available in the gaming industry in modern times. Millions of people enjoy playing slots on a daily basis. In fact, the games are sometimes so popular or so well designed, that pl…

What are Aussie online casino slots? Well, they’re one of the if not the most popular gambling games available in the gaming industry in modern times. Millions of people enjoy playing slots on a daily basis. In fact, the games are sometimes so popular or so well designed, that players don’t even care how much they generate from a single slot. All they want to see is the new clever additions that developers add to these games.

In this article, we will try to focus on several key topics. Things such as when online slots games started to become available worldwide, how they’re made and what they consist of. Furthermore, we’ll be happy to answer some frequently asked questions about slots games so that every beginner and veteran as well has a smooth sailing experience when they boot up on of the games.

So, without further ado, let’s start with the background of these games and how they were created.

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The history of Australia real money casino slots

Let’s go way back before Australia online real money casino slots were even a thing. We don’t need to go too much in the past though, the first slot machine is believed to have been created in 1887 by a fellow by the name of Charles Fey. Charles based his whole creation on poker cards.

However, the slot machine did not work like the ones we’re used to today or were used to in the 80s or 90s. No, the first slot machine did not have any kind of payout. All the players had to do is insert the currency and pull the lever. Depending on what set of cards they’d get, such as a royal flush or a full house, they’d get a cigar or a free beer at the bar. Of course, they had to call the bartender over and display their luck.

Luckily though, multiple people have since worked on these slots and they give instant payouts if you win.

The real money slots Australia is now full of became available in 1976, legally that is. There were hundreds of machines located in various pubs and casinos before that.

When it comes to online casino slots though, they were first invented in 1976 as well by a few blokes in Vegas. The concept was so popular though that Aussies were the first to introduce a double screened slot game back in 1994.

As you can see, Aussies and slots, or as they like to call them “pokies” go way back, which explains the popularity of the machines in the country in today’s times.

How are Aussie casino real money slots made?

It’s always important to note that there are always amazingly talented and creative people behind every single slot game you make. A group of these people is what’s called a software provider company. These companies employ a bunch of designers, developers, gameplay experts, and industry experts to deliver the best online real casino slots Australia has to offer.

The development process is quite complex though. The whole team needs to gather and choose a theme. The theme will determine the amount of research the team will have to do and the available designs they can implement. In terms of development, and we mean some cold hard code this time, it’s relatively on the simple side. Every single slot has the same concept, the reels are going to spin and make combinations. It’s usually the combination that the developers need to pay the most attention to.

The gameplay designers come up with unique features to add to the games, while the industry experts make sure that all the additions are in demand from the customers and that it all falls within the ramifications of the law.

But just describing how Aussie online casino slots are made is not enough to give you the whole scope of the value these games bring or how they play out in general. Therefore let’s take one whole paragraph and dedicate it to breaking down every feature of a slots game.

How to play AU real money casino slots online

We need to know the intricacies of ever slots game in order to get the most out of it. However, most of the time when a game is being described by a casino or the company that made it, they use a lot of gambling jargon or gambling terms. So, we’re here to discuss those terms and make sure you understand every single word when a game is being pitched to you.


Reels are the most essential part of every slot game. They’re the parts of the game that it’s basically based on, why? Because they’re the shapes or the parts of the slot game that do the spinning.

You know the symbols right? The strawberries and bananas and the 7s that spin? Well, the part of the machine that they’re attached to is what’s called the reel. On an offline slot game, these reels have a set combination of these symbols attached to them so the spin is always random.

With Aussie online real money slots it’s a bit different. It’s the algorithm that designed the set of symbols that will appear on the screen and not an already created combination on the reel itself. That’s why online slots are so diverse compared to offline ones, because they don’t have limited space, they can get any number of combinations whenever possible.

Every provider has their set number of reels per game, but the most common number nowadays is five. There will most likely be three or four rows in the game and five reels, which will contain anywhere between 15 or 20 symbols in a single spin, thus opening up possibilities for dozens of combinations.

There are actually some variations to reels as well, but the most popular variation is the rolling reels.

The rolling reels

In order to describe rolling reels to a beginner, we need to deviate from AU online slots a little bit and focus on games that everybody’s played more or less. Imagine Tetris. Whenever you got a perfect combination of shapes and made a whole line full of them, the line would disappear, right? But the shapes would continue to fall down.

Now try to imagine the same concept but with a slots game. Whenever a player gets a combination of symbols, this could be a combination that’s a row or a triangle or any other type of combination, the symbols would disappear, but the reels will continue to spin and add more symbols to the mix.

The reason why this variation of reels is so popular is that they add much more chance for people to earn additional winnings from a single spin without even doing anything and letting the reels do their thing.

But what about the symbols in these Aussie casino slot games themselves? What types are there to expect?


Every slot game has symbols. Some have unique symbols because of unique designs, but there are some that come with classic symbols like the fruits and the 7s and the gold bars. Those are usually very simple and pale games, while the more modern games come with multiple variations.

For example, it’s sometimes possible to have an eagle as a symbol or even a mythic god of some sort. The variation of symbols will depend on the theme that the Aussie casino slot has predetermined.

But for now, let’s try to introduce all the “traditional” symbol types and explain them thoroughly.

The Regular symbols

The regular symbols will be the ones you’ll notice most often when you’re playing online slots. They’re the ones that clutter the screen and prevent that sweet sweet wild combination. The easiest way to explain these symbols is to bring examples.

Imagine the last AU real slots game you played. How often did you see a symbol such as “J”, “K” or “Q” or even numbers from 1-10? Pretty often right? Well, that’s why they’re called the regular symbols, they’re the most common ones.

These symbols usually pay the least. If you get a pretty nice combination of similar regular symbols in a row, you’d most likely get your bet back rather than make some profit out of it.

However, if it’s a complex combination with more than three or four symbols it could lead to a significant profit, but not that much compared to other symbols.

The Unique symbols

The unique symbols are usually in tune with the overall design and theme of the slots game you’re playing. In essence, every symbol that is not a regular symbol is what we refer to as a unique symbol but that has its variations as well.

For example, let’s imagine that you want to play Aussie slots for real money and the theme is about pirates. What would the unique symbols look like? Well, speaking from experience it’s likely that a unique symbol is going to resemble a boat, a typical pirate face, a saber, a cannon and etc. But the game will also have those Qs, Js, and Ks as regular symbols to throw into the mix of every spin.

The unique symbol combinations are always the most desired ones because they’re relatively rare, but pay the most out of all combinations.

Depending on what type of game you’re playing, every unique symbol could have an additional feature. For example, the cannon symbol could shoot adjacent symbols and open up space for new symbols to roll down, allowing for more combinations.

There’s just so much variation that it’s hard to talk about it from just one perspective, so let’s break it apart in the following paragraphs.

The Wild symbols

The wild symbols are arguably the most desired symbols to get in any Australian casino online slots to date. The reason? Well, they pay the most and they allow players to make combinations previously completely unavailable.

The best way to describe wild symbols is to call them the “Jacks of all trades”, simply because they can participate in any combination and thus lead to a really fat win.

For example, imagine that you’re playing that pirate real Aussie slots game we were talking about earlier and there are three reels available. You get the pirate face symbol on reels one and three, but the second reel has a wild symbol.

Beginners would think that the spin is a bust, but veterans would be ecstatic. You see, whenever there is a possibility for a legitimate combination, the wild symbol takes on the properties of the symbols it will be making the combination with.

In the case we brought as an example, the wild symbol would take on the properties of the pirate face symbol, it would become the pirate face symbol in a sense.

But that’s not all of it. There’s one more type of symbols that every gambler is happy to see, in fact, happy isn’t enough to describe the flow of emotion when you get three of these bad boys in a spin. We’re talking about the bonus symbol of course.

The Bonus symbol

As already mentioned the bonus symbol is the symbol you should be aiming to get if you want to play Aussie slots for real money and we mean real money.

These symbols introduce a whole new feature to the game, often referred to as the free spins feature or the bonus level feature, but every provider likes to spice things up and change the whole perception of what a bonus level actually is.

In most cases, a slot game will initiate the bonus level if the player gets three bonus symbols during a spin. The number of free spins varies from game to game, but it’s usually in the range of 5-10 on most occasions. If you get less it’s still fine because hey, it’s still free spins.

The best thing about these features isn’t the fact that they’re free though. It’s the fact how much one can make while they play out because in most cases the developers give these levels additional benefits.

For example, several online slots Australia is notorious for could just have the free spins and nothing attached to it at all. But others tend to have things like multipliers, rolling reels, exploding wilds, wild wilds, jackpot cards, double-way payments and etc.

The idea is that you will definitely be richer after you’ve played the bonus level.


Since we’ve discussed all of the technical details of slots games, let’s now tackle some theoretical ones just because they’re always present in the description of these games.

The reason why we started this large paragraph in the first place is to decipher the description texts of slots games, so might as well tackle the more “hard to understand” terms as well.

One of the hardest ones to understand is RTP, simply because it’s an abbreviation and it doesn’t really show up anywhere else in the industry to derive some kind of meaning from it.

The abbreviation stands for Return to Player, which basically translates into the amount you should be expecting to get back when playing a specific slots game.

Although Australia real money casino slots are usually very unpredictable, meaning that there is no such thing as a predetermined amount you can win, it’s still possible to calculate the average return a player should expect in most cases.

Once again, the RTP is 99,9% times inaccurate simply because of how varied slots games are. Some games can simply be unlucky and wipe out your account, while others can make you rich because of a jackpot.

Regardless though, if the casino says that the game has 80% RTP, then maybe it’s better to go for a game that has 95% RTP just in case. It’s a pretty good filtration tool.


Volatility is a very important tool that everybody should use in order to find the perfect game for them. But what does it mean? What is a game that has high volatility? Let’s explain.

A slots game that has high volatility means that there’s a high chance that every slot will bring some kind of profit. However, the profit will be quite small. Therefore you get this experience of spinning and spinning and spinning while getting winnings nearly every spin and slowly but surely filling your account.

In terms of Aussie casino real money slots, low volatility is often considered as an advantage. You might wonder why someone would like to have less chance of getting a win on every spin, well here’s the catch.

Although low volatility slots tend to give you winnings much less often, they have much higher “prize pools”. So, for example, if you were winning $A1.2 on every spin with an $A1.0 bet on a high volatility game, you’d win $A20 every 15 spins or so with an $A1.0 bet on a low volatility game.

It’s up to you to decide which games you prefer.

Available bonuses for AU real money online slots

You may have seen several promotions about bonuses available for casino slots online, however, now that you’ve seen us discuss these bonuses in terms of symbols it may be a bit confusing.

Don’t worry about it, all of the promotions you’ve seen online such as deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses and etc are real. We will now try to tackle the explanation to make it as clear for you as possible.

Free spins

Some of the best Aussie casino slot machines come with free spins bonuses. In most cases, this bonus is specifically targeting a single game.

For example, whenever you enter a casino’s website you will notice them promoting their bonuses immediately. In most cases, these bonus promotions will feature screenshots or cover images of a specific slots game. Let’s use the pirate game we talked about earlier as an example of this.

You just entered a casino’s website and see the pirate game’s cover image on their homepage. This means that the casino is willing to give you 20-50 free spins on this specific game. They usually include a promo code that you need to indicate to get the bonus.

Once you get the free spins you can only use them in the pirate game and nowhere else. This is usually due to the provider giving the casino a discount or paying them some money to promote their game and free spins are the ideal method to entice somebody to play the game.

The Aussie slots for real money are mostly ranked by the number of people that have played them in a year or in a quarter, therefore, getting those numbers up is absolutely essential for a software provider.

But don’t expect that these free spins will have the additional benefits of the “bonus free spins feature” that is built inside of the game. It will most likely be regular spins, you just won’t have to pay for them.

No deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus is pretty self-explanatory at this point. As long as the player account is fresh on the platform, they will be eligible for this bonus. That is why it’s usually referred to as the “first deposit bonus” on most platforms. The casino can’t go around handing out money to everyone that applies for it right? They need to make sure that this bonus will be profitable in the long run for them.

We actually advise you be careful with real money casino slots Australia no deposit bonuses because of the “obligations” they come with.

Many beginners believe that once they get the bonus they’re free to withdraw anything they generate from it. That is not necessarily the case.

Whenever the casino gives you the bonus, they will give you a deadline, a set amount of bets you need to make, and the specific games you need to make them on. It does sound a bit unfair, but there’s honestly no room to complain, it’s free cash that helps you make cash.

Plus the no deposit bonus isn’t always too big. Usually, you’d get around AUD 100 or AUD 300 which is good because the minimum requirement is quite low in those cases.

Always make sure the read the terms and conditions of the bonus you’re about to apply for. If you fail to reach the minimum required bets before the deadline, the profits you had made in the process could be taken away as well.

Deposit bonus

When it comes to the AU slot casino games deposit bonus, it’s a bit different. The main difference is the volume of course and the commitment that the user makes.

One of the most common variation forms of deposit bonuses you will find will be the “matching bonus” promotions. These bonuses are basically 100% deposit bonuses. This means that if you deposit AUD 500, the casino will give you an additional AUD 500. They usually have a cap of how much they give you, but it’s not usually above AUD 2000 or so.

The other forms include “partial matching bonus” which is around 50% and etc.

The difference here is that you need to actually fill up the account with your own money. But because you’re committing funds to the account, you’ll get a much lower minimum bet requirement.

What are casino slots designed for?

It should be quite obvious why people play Aussie slots online for real money at this point in the article. The intricacy with which these games are designed and developed taps into the decades-long demand for engaging entertainment and the provision of value in the process of entertainment as well.

To look at it very simply we need to imagine a comparison. Why do people play slots games when there are video games available? Well, let’s compare.

A video game will cost you around AUD 50, or at least the AAA games that are now dominating the market. This AUD 50 is going to get you around 100 hours of content if the game is extremely good, but there have been cases when a game provided only 18 hours max-content to the customer.

Now imagine people scaling their bets on the very low end of that AUD 50 deposit on their gambling accounts. They can enjoy hundreds of different variations of games while also having the opportunity to win in the process.

At the end of the day, even if the Australian real money casino slots turn out to be a loss, it will only be so after dozens of hours of playing. Now compare the value that each player gets. One pays AUD 50 for a game they play for about 18 hours and then get bored and quit, while the other plays it for dozens of hours and can actually change it up once a certain theme becomes repetitive. Furthermore, at the end of the day, the one that plays the gambling game has the chance of hitting it big and earning 10 times the amount he or she wagered in the first place.

It may seem we’re concluding the article here, but we simply cannot finish it at this point where so many questions remain unanswered. Therefore, if you’re a beginner then feel free to take a look at the FAQ section down below.

How to play slots for real money in Australia FAQ

How can I make deposits?

There are a number of ways you can deposit funds on your account, but it will largely depend on the casino you will register with. In most cases, people who play slots for real money in Australia tend to use the Paysafecard much more often than anything else.

However, there are other options such as Skrill, Neteller, and even PayPal, but most of these require you to register these payments as gambling payments. Other than that, players that don’t care about banks finding out about their gambling habits tend to use their credit/debit cards as well.

Make sure that you’re always aware of the commissions of each payment method though. All of them are varied but don’t exceed more than 3-4%.

How do I choose the perfect casino?

There is no such thing as a perfect casino unfortunately. Whenever you choose one, you sacrifice another’s benefits for your choice’s services. But, when it comes to the differences, most casinos are quite alike.

But, there are still some unwritten rules that you should follow if you want to make the best possible choice. In order to list slots online Australia is Ok with, the casino should hold a local license.

What does a license do? Well, it’s basically confirmation from the government that the casino has enough funds to pay the winnings to their customers, they have what it takes to deliver good customer support, and most importantly, their business model is according to local law and will always comply with fairness and transparency guidelines.

Is there a strategy for playing slots?

We’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of people try various “strategies” of winning slots games. People used to just make one spin, close the game, boot it back up, do one spin again over and over. Some of them managed to get lucky, but the same case was with people who stayed logged in and played for just a few minutes.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a strategy to play slots online for money in Australia, nor anywhere else in the world. In fact, that is the whole attraction of the game. It’s so devoid of prerequisite skill that everybody can play and have a shot at scoring a jackpot. All it takes is patience and the appreciation of the game’s design and the work that went into it.

If you rely on getting progressively better at playing games, you can always go for things like poker or blackjack.

Is there a maximum bet I can place per spin?

Yes, every slots game has its cap for maximum bets. Some try to keep it as low as possible while others give the extra brave gamblers the chance to score huge wins with just one single spin.

For example, the lowest you’ll probably go per bet is AUD 1, but there have been cases where slots that were very low volatility offered bets as low as AUD 0.5, because of how often people would lose their temper and quit when there was a jackpot right behind the corner.

With games that have higher volatility, it’s actually possible to place bets as high as AUD 50 or AUD 100. Naturally, though, you need to be absolutely sure that you’re willing to push through some losses before you tap into that sweet sweet free spins bonus extra cash.

How likely is it that I’ll win a jackpot?

Jackpots are something we all cover right? But we need to come to terms with the fact that when playing real Aussie slots, it’s very unlikely that you’ll score a jackpot in the first 100 hours or so.

In fact, several researchers have dedicated quite a lot of time finding out the actual percentage of slots giving people jackpots and have come up with a realistic range.

The likelihood of you winning a jackpot from casino slots is anywhere between 0.032-0.16% at any given moment. It’s extremely rare, but the payout is just amazing.

How do I even win a jackpot?

Every software provider has its own method of structuring how players can hit the jackpot. In the past, it was about getting a row of similar symbols a number of consecutive times, now it can simply be a very lucky spin that leads to an amazing combination of symbols which just “pays a lot”.

Yes, some of the best online slots Australia has to offer don’t come with jackpots as separate features, they’re just part of the game.

However, some of the old school developers like to add these things called “jackpot cards”. In order to get the jackpot cards, one needs to get a very specific combination, which is usually getting six similar symbols during a spin. This is, of course, very rare. But here’s the catch.

Once in the jackpot cards game, players have a chance to win one of four jackpots. For example, the hearts jackpot, the spades jackpot, the diamonds jackpot, and the clubs jackpot. In order to get either one, you will have to overturn some cards in the game and the first type that you get three of will be your jackpot. The amount of the jackpot is always displayed at the top of the game.

Can I play slots for free?

Yes, you can definitely find some free options, but remember that these options will only be for fun or through some kind of bonus.

All of the Australian real money casinos slots come with “play for fun” variants that don’t have a different algorithm setting despite the conspiracy theorists out there.

The other method you can use is the no deposit bonus. If it’s the casino that’s giving you the money, then you’re pretty much playing for free right? It’s just that you need to play a certain amount to get some money out of it.

The “play for fun” option doesn’t give you any money unfortunately, it’s just there to check out the game in most cases.

Will I need to install something to play games?

It’s unlikely that the casino will require you to install any kind of software to play their games, but there have been occasions where several games needed Flashplayer to be activated. It’s best to be safe about it from the beginning, so installing Flashplayer and enabling it on your browser is recommended.

However, in order to play the games themselves, you don’t need to download them or anything. There’s a reason why they’re called Aussie online real money slots and not just Aussie real money slots.

All of the games are playable from your browser, but make sure you’re using the correct one. Things like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome should be fine, but some games don’t support browsers like Opera and Internet Explorer.

When is it best to play online slots?

There’s no predetermined time of the day you should play slots. The whole thing about slots is that you can access them whenever you want, from wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection.

However, when it comes to the days of the week, there are several that are best for playing. For example, multiple AU real money slot casinos have special benefits and offer on Monday and Friday. They know that players will have much more time on the weekends so they offer free spins, and on Monday when they’ll need a refill.

What can I do if I won but the slot is not paying me?

These types of cases are extremely rare, but just to be on the safe side we’d suggest you record your gaming session every time. If nothing happened at the end of the session, all you do is delete the footage and there’s that.

But once something does happen you’ll be grateful enough to have the footage to show to the support and have them compensate you.

But if the technical difficulty happened when you weren’t recording, you can always open the clock application, take a screenshot of the combination, and then the screenshot of your account balance to showcase that you weren’t paid.

The support usually fixes these issues within a few days.

Is every slot game mobile friendly?

Most of the AU online casino slot machines are optimized for mobile use as well, but it never hurts to check the game’s description before you commit too much time to it and continue playing it on your mobile device.

This information is usually indicated in the game’s description, but if you don’t want to scroll through pages of information, you can always filter the games based on device adaptability through the casino website’s navigation bar. Most of them have it.

We hope that we’ve answered all of the most important questions about real money slots regardless if they’re on Australian casinos or not. If you have any further questions you can always find some support from gambling forums and subreddits.