Why the Premier League is so popular in Australia

Oliver Noah

Why the Premier League is so popular in Australia

Premier league is a top-level English football league. Made up of 20 clubs it is the world’s most-watched sports league event. Every football fan is devoted to keeping up with the League. It operates on the relegation system where each team gets to play all of its competitors. The Premie League is known for its unexpected turns because in this system a lot can change and very quickly. 

Premier League came about in 1992, after England’s Football League. Back then the important aspect of the league was broadcasting. Even today premier leagues are watched across 650 million homes across the world. When it comes to the premier league the player’s nationality is not what matters. Football players from any country can end up playing for one of the 20 football clubs. There are counties that don’t really care for and English Football Club competition but then there are those who are very dedicated. Australia is one of them. Australia’s love of football and betting on sport, in general, is no secret. But actually when it comes to premier league part of the equation is the many Aussie players that have played or are currently playing in the League. Some of the top tier clubs in the league have had Australian players.

The Aussie Fans

Australians love their football. Considering the impact of the Premier League on the entire football world it’s not surprising that there are a lot of die-hard fans of the league in Australia as well. Sports betting comes with the territory with football fans and considering that Australia has a renowned love for gambling its not surprising that sports betting, specifically betting on premier league matches is quite common in Australia and adds to the entertainment aspect of the league. In Australia, there are multiple venues that offer these services sand the regulations are quite normal so fans don’t feel restricted to bet on their favorite teams. You can either bet online or in real life casinos where you will also get to watch the whole game live with your friends or random strangers who are in the same shoes as you. Sports betting during Premier Legau can get pretty intense since as we’ve mentioned above things change quickly. Betting could be its own separate part of the Premier League because across the world people now associate the beginning of the playoffs with beginnings of countless bettings.

Aussies who have played in the League

A lot of Australians can pride themselves on being part of the world’s most famous football league. The one that is doing very well for himself right now is Aaron Mooy who is with Brighton on the loan. He has managed to show his skills at the team and helped win the last match against Arsenal. Mooey is a regular for the Australian National team, but with his recent success with Brighton, he has managed to get a decent fanbase, who sees his contributions to the team and wants him to stick around. The manager of the team seems to share these sentiments as well. 

Another famous Aussie who played for the Premier League is Mile Jedinak, who just finished his career at Aston Villa. Jedinak was with Aston Villa since 2016 and played as a center-back and midfield. Jedinak was let go of the team since during the past season he spent most of his time on the bench and failed to deliver the best results but nonetheless he was loved by Aston fans very much and him leaving the team caused a lot of uproar within the fans on social media. The 35-year-old- player is considering coaching as his next step and plans to continue his football career that way. 

Another famous player to play in the EPL was Jordan Lyden. Sadly his career was full of injuries that always kept him back from performing to the best of his abilities. He moved to Aston Villa by the age of 16 and was part of this academy. But along his professional career, the injuries kept getting in the way.

Where to watch EPL in Australia

If you’re not from England it can be confusing to try and catch the games but luckily there is more than one way to watch the premier league matches. The easiest one would be using the EPL App that lets you watch all the games on your phone but it has a disadvantage of being only suited for smaller devices and now allowing live streaming You can also opt for Optus Sport which is compatible with Fetch, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast so it makes for the better experience than catching up updates after the game. Some customers can get Optus Sport for free with their phone or internet plan but if you have to go out of your way to get the Optuc Sport, its not terribly expensive and will only cost you 15$ a month.