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TopSport comes out with a Protest Payout promotion

Oliver Noah

TopSport comes out with a Protest Payout promotion

TopSport is an online betting website that has been around for quite some time. The company behind the platform has three decades worth of experience in bookmaking and is one of the originators of the online service in Australia. Throughout the years of operation, the platform has come to understand the intricacies of what makes online betting exciting for the users and its structures its functionality and offers accordingly. While you definitely won’t be amazed by the number of promotions on the TopSport website, the ones that are there are interesting and appealing.

One of the promotions currently live on the TopSport site is called ‘Protest Payout!’. It applies to the users that bet on Horse Racing. If you bet on a horse to win and the horse gets beaten on protest, the platform will still pay you on both the official winner and the first horse past the post. This minimizes the frustration people often get when such things happen and thus overall improves your betting experience. If you are a fan of Horse Racing and you think you will be spending a lot of time betting on these races, then this offer might be just the thing to convince you to create an account on TopSport.

There are a handful of other promotions currently offered by TopSport. For example, if you are an officially listed owner or trainer, you will get a special premium called Best Of The Best Premium whenever you back your horse at any thoroughbred meeting. There is also a loyalty program that rewards the most loyal users of the website and encourages activity on the platform. You can get these and other promotions both on your computer and your mobile device. TopSport has dedicated applications for iOS and Android platforms that will help you access its services from your mobile phone.