Top 5 most popular free dinks in casinos

Oliver Noah

Top 5 most popular free dinks in casinos

Time passes and the tendencies change. Once a popular spot for the old-boys became the most luxurious type of entertainment. Modern casinos are the perfect place for entertainment and relaxation. There are plenty of casinos that have a variety of options and offers for customers. So, almost everyone can find some sort of suitable for the game and place. 

While the competition on the market is very high, casinos try to offer visitors some special promotions and features, in order to maintain clients and make them feel comfortable. The satisfaction of the customers is a top priority for the casinos.

It is not news that casinos are generally quite luxurious and if you are a frequent visitor to the casino, it can get expensive as well. This is the main reason why they have balance in their services. Staying in Sydney or Melbourne, for instance, is quite reasonable, because there are plenty of other options on how to spend your money in a variety of casinos. The same goes for the menu. If you have been visiting the casino for some time, or want to spend a long time o playing in the casino, you might be lucky to get one of those free drinks that most of the decent casinos offer you. It is all about customer satisfaction and their comfort to have some benefits of visiting the venues. 

Free drinks are the most common act from the casinos to loyal clients as well as the mean of the celebration of the big win. Drinks are supposed to help visitors to relax and have even more fun while playing. There are some of the most common alcohol gifts that are offered by casinos.


Let’s celebrate, let’s drink champagne – they say. Champagne is truly a celebration drink. Casinos also carry the same attitude and give away champagne in case of the big wins. It is also said that “who does not risk, does not drink champagne”, which is very true. If you risk and win, there you have a bottle of sparkly champagne. Have your time, choose the games, play your cards and who knows, maybe you are the lucky one. 


Mojito comes right after the champagne in terms of the desired drinks. The refreshing cocktail is especially delightful in the summers. The combination of white rum, lime juice, sugar, and mint is the perfect way to please the customer. Mojitos are usually given away in many luxury casinos. Moreover, mojitos are those very colorful and well-looking drinks that can be drunk for some time, during the whole game. But it is always nice to have some extra sips. 

Jack and Coke

Jack Daniels and Coca Cola is most probably the most classic drink of all time. This drink has been a favorite drink of many famous people, which is for a reason. The nice mixture of the cold sparkling drink and the classic Jack is the very desired drink which is also very smooth to drink. If it happens and you order Jack and Coke in the casino, make sure to specify what exactly you want to have, is it Jack Daniels or any other whiskey. Also, pay attention to prices as some other whiskeys might be way more costly than Jack. 


Martini is famous for being the favorite drink of James Bond. It was first mentioned in the book, Casino Royale, and afterward was filmed in the movie as well. Though there was one specification, Bond loved Martini, shaken not stirred. Maybe for this purpose or for any other, but some casinos do offer you free Martini. The next time you visit a casino make sure to order classy shaken not stirred, Martini, just like Bond, James Bond. 


Beer is famous for its long drinking process. So if you come to a casino for a long play, then it is very likely that casinos will gift you with some free beer. The beer is not a high alcohol beverage, though if drinking much it can get you very drunk. Beer is not only the perfect way to start the casino game but also has some health benefits. Beers help to reduce the risk of having kidney stones, as well as it can also increase the good cholesterol in the body. Overall, it reduces the risk of getting heart disease by up to 40%. It is usually most expected to get free beer when you have arrived at the table game for quite some time.

Casinos can pleasantly surprise you with some free drinks and some gentle acts, but while drinking make sure to remain a stable and responsible person.