Top 10 most popular sports in Australia in 2019

Oliver Noah

Top 10 most popular sports in Australia in 2019

Australia is especially known for the variety of sports and the popularity of sports among citizens. Almost everybody is involved in one or another type of sport. And generally, sports activity is very trendy. Within the huge variety of sports available in Australia, in 2019 there were a few the most popular sports in the country. 

Rugby League 

Among the other sports, perhaps Rugby is one of the most-watched and searched sports in Australia, as it may be in many other countries. Rugby League’s initial game is dated back to the 20th century and since then has gained a lot of popularity. It is played by roughly 466.182 Australian players and is recorded to be watched by over 71.000 viewers, and the tendency is increasing on a yearly basis. 


Basketball is the second most popular team sport in the country. There are over one million basketball players in Australia, this is due to the big influence of the NBA as well as the National Basketball League in Australia. It has pretty good media feedback and has been very popular since the first game back in 1897. The basketball is mostly popular in some specific states, such as Victoria. 


Tennis has not always been popular in Australia, though the tournament and the international activities that take place in the country made it quite trendy. This year there was Australia Open tournaments, that brought dozens of international players to Australian ground and the tournament that was watched by more than two million people, making Tennis the eighth most searched sport in the country. 


Soccer has been introduced to the country more than a century ago. Ever since then it has gained a lot of popularity. This is also caused by many prominent players being originated from Australia. There were roughly 99.000 attendees on the game between Manchester United and Real Madrid. Over 3 million people watched the FIFA World Cup and 3.8 million watched the World Cup. 

Rugby Union 

The Australian National Rugby Union has won the Rugby Union World Cup two times. The Rugby Union is different from the Rugby League in the model of tackle and via the number of players, which is 15 in the Rugby Union in difference with the Rugby League. The game originates in the 19th century and is played by 86.952 Australians. 


After being introduced to Australia in 18939, golf since then has gained a lot of popularity among Australians. The highlight golf event for the country is the PGA Tour of Australasia, which brings many famous players to the country as well as introduces successful Aussie players to the world.

National Rugby League 

The NRL is played by the team of men from both New Zealand and Australia. The proof of the fact that the NRL is one of the most popular sports in the country is the 6.5 million Australian audiences that have watched NRL in 2017. The NRL has been watched by about 116 million people both from Australia as well as from New Zealand. 

American Football

American Football, or in other words Gridiron has been introduced to Australia during World War II. t is played by 73 teams, amounting to 2.500 Australian players. The Super Bowl is also one of the most-watched events by Australians as well as Australians take a careful track of the National Football League performance in the US. 


Cricket was introduced to Australia back in 1803 and since then the country has gained worldwide fame in sports. More than 4 million Aussies are involved in the game and the number is increasing, especially after winning Cricket World Cup in 2015. The fame of the Australian Cricket has already crossed the border of the country and has been popular even in China. 

Australian Rules Football 

Australian Football is one of the oldest sports officially played in the country, dating back to the 19th century. There are no concerns about this being the most popular sports in the country, after acknowledging the fact that there are 1.404.176 players, 25.770 clubs in Australia involved in the sports. Over 8.4 million people watch Australian Football and sports in gaining popularity all across the country borders.