The Star continues the collaboration with Japanese casino systems provider Konami

Oliver Noah

The Star continues the collaboration with Japanese casino systems provider Konami

The gambling industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It is also one of the fastest developing industries in the world. The gambling industry is the one to catch with all of the latest tendencies and is the leading industry to implement constant technological changes in order to make the sphere more affordable and comfortable. 

The Star Entertainment Group has strengthened the collaboration with already long term partner – Japanese casino management company Konami.  The Star has been using the system from Konami in Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast resorts and the casino systems provider will still be the major casino system provider across the whole portfolio of the company. Companies decided to continue partnership due to the quality of services as well as the innovative nature of the company. At this stage, both companies are very excited to continue the collaboration and aim at producing even more innovative casino management solutions. 

The Star has already come up with the new incentive of the new cashless wagering. They have introduced the platform Money Clip for that. With the continuous personalization process as well as the fresh approach to entertainment purposes The Star is one of the leading companies in the list, together with Konami, whose main goal is the future of the industry. 

May The AI Be In Your Favor 

It has already been official that some of the largest casinos in leading industrial cities, such as Macau have already started implementing the new technologies in the business. 

Casinos in Macau started to use smart hidden cameras and facial recognition technology as well as a new product such as digitally enables poker chips and baccarat tables. Everything this is used to track which customers from the huge amount of visitors are most likely to lose their money. 

Previously it was a very well known fact that the odds were always in favor of the house, meaning that it does not matter how much you win the house always benefit from it. Now, AI technology is all in favor of odds, making the house one of the most beneficial parties. With the newly implemented AI technology casinos will be able to track all of the performance of the players, the money they lose and the money they win. This means that the hidden smart cameras can already give the signal of the VIP client entering the Casio.

Then they will also be able to observe the behavior of the players at the table and their performance, how risky they are, till what stage they can risk and how the most usually the risk ends. Usually, the risky nature of the client determines the 10 times more benefits for the casino. 

As the managers of the casino love to say “those who can afford to lose, those who play even more when losing money can have an extra meal for free for sure.”

Big Brother Is Watching You

There will be one more casino to use the technology developed by Las Vegas-based Walker Table Systems. Suncity casino will use invisibly track chips in the casino which will be built in Vietnam. 

The changes that the casinos are currently undertaking are under pressure of global economics as well as the regulatory scrutiny. 

The Macau unit of Las Vegas Sands Corp and MGM Resorts International have already implemented the technology on most of their tables. Las Vegas Sands is also planning to extend them to an additional 1000 tables. 

Wynn Macau Ltd, Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd, and Melco Resorts & Entertainment Ltd are in discussions with suppliers about deploying the technology, though the people that have the information are not authorized to speak in public.