The racehorse Aussie Nugget reaches new heights

Harry Mason

The racehorse Aussie Nugget reaches new heights

Australia is very famous for horse raidings. Every year there are hundreds of contestants who race for the leadership and the grand prizes as well as the title of the best horses. This year there have been many races and the results that very surprisingly exciting both for the horses and trainers as well.

Betting in Australia is also a very important and popular activity among citizens. People bet all the time and get the best of it. This year has been especially successful for several horses and trainers.

A Big Shot

There is extremely hard work behind every scene of the incredible animals to reach the goals. The racehorse Aussie Nugget (IRE) has been through the very difficult path and has been rewarded with the respective break and huge potential shot at a bigger autumn race, that will be held in Australia. Aussie Nugget (IRE) had a hard-won fight and competition that brought him immense victory at Sandown.

Aussie Nugget (IRE) did not only win this specific competition but has come back with the victory from Seymour and Bendigo. He successfully finished the three races, including the one last week, which was The Big Screen Company Handicap.

It seems like Aussie Nugget (IRE) has it in his blood as he is not the first one from his family that celebrates the constant victories. His father Anthony was also one of the best among the bests. It is not only about the words, but Sam Freedman, who is an assistant trainer of Anthony has approved the deal. He commented on the performance of Aussie Nugget (IRE), saying that he has seen an incredible improvement and development in the performance. He also stated that the improvement has especially been noticed ever since a gelding operation and the addition of blinkers.

This month has also been the progress for Aussie Nugget (IRE), as there was a race held recently in the previous month, the Melbourne Cup, one of the biggest and most important events in Australia during the autumn period. In the Melbourne Cup, Aussie Nugget (IRE) came up into ninth place, while racing in the same colors carried by Steel Prince.

Steel Prince won the Andrew Ramsden Stakes (2800m) at Flemington in May and as Freedman has also mentioned, if Aussie Nugget (IRE) shows similar staying talent then he may be aimed at that race. The main factor why the victory in Andrew Ramsden is very important is because it provides the contestant with the golden ticket. This means that the winner gets the ballot exemption to the Melbourne Cup, once again one of the most important racing competitions in Australia.

The Perspectives

There have been several comments and predictions made regarding the further performance of Aussie Nugget (IRE). One of the commentators is the Sam Freedman, who said that the horse now has the real will to win and the desire, as he has been put the blinkers not so long ago, which is a great addition and an extra perk.

Not only Aussie Nugget (IRE) has been rewarded with the attention and the warming, but his rider as well, who apparently has done a great job. Jye McNeil got all of the credits for amazing skills and the operative moves that he has made in order to succeed in the competition. Freedman has also addressed Jye. He said that Jye has ridden the horse perfectly, not only this particular time but previous times as well, and was able to get that needle-eye opening.

There has also been told that Jye has the perfect skills, though slightly lacks the motion speed and is a bit slow, which sometimes returns to him badly. The good thing is that he is able to muster quickly and therefore gets himself in a good position despite that and settles very well in his race as well as has a good turn of foot.

They both have done a really good job and have worked very hard to get the victory and the title, they have obtained. It can be said that they can have a well-deserved break now. Moreover, the preparation of Aussie Nugget (IRE) is really good and the break is affordable right now.

The rider of Aussie Nugget (IRE) has also made several comments on the performance of their duo. McNeil mentioned that he had a moment of weakness and thought that he was in trouble while attempting a run on the fence early in the straight. He had a concern regarding a third horse that might have come out, but it did not happen and there was a moment of awkwardness further. “I thought it was a pretty good effort the way he had to change course especially on a day when they’re not making much ground.”