The best entertainment in Crown Australia

Ray Allen

The best entertainment in Crown Australia

Crown Casino is the world’s most famous casino and tourists from all over the world travel yearly to Australia to experience a small piece of the iconic gambling hub. It has branches all over the country and has become a widely recognized symbol for Australia and its love of gambling. But that is not all there is to this grand complex. There are numerous activities that you can around the Crown Resort that you won’t get anywhere else and that will give you the best experience you can have at this world-famous resort. Here we’ve broken down some key categories that you should look into if you’re looking for more than just gambling.

The exhibitions

What you may not know about the iconic Australian resort is that it is home to one of the country’s major convention facilities. Crown’s Exhibition hall hosts different events, tradeshows, and exhibitions at all times. They offer a very spacious hall that offers state-of-the-art visual capabilities. It is actually a perfect spot for anyone looking to market their products since the Hall is open and people can see inside. So next time you are a Crown Resort check out what exhibition the hotel is hosting at the moment and maybe you’ll discover your next obsession there. Exhibition Hall offers everything for your comfortable visit covering parking spots and lockers. The next event that is planned to take place in the Hall in Hospitality Expo (2020) so if you’re planning your trip to Australia any time soon, check out to see if your dates align with the expo.

Fine Dining

Probably the second most famous thing about Crown Resorts is their outstanding selection of dining places that consistently offer a first-class experience to their customers and make up for a nice break from gambling where you can cool off, enjoy spectacular food while gazing into the scenic view. Crown offers fine dining with restaurants like The Atlantic, Conservatory, Rockpool, Nobu, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and much more. The resort offers a huge variety of options so you are guaranteed to find the one that works for you. They offer cuisines from different countries and if you’ve ever wanted to experience with your food palette this would be the place to do that. It is always a good idea to call ahead of time to make reservations since these popular spots are usually fully booked weeks ahead.

Shows and Events

It makes sense that one of the most luxurious spots in the country offers a great variety of shows as well. Whenever you might end up at the Crown Resort you won’t be bored. Crown offers concerts and even live theater for its customers and it’s definitely worth checking out. Crown hosts shows from world-famous musicians and offer you live music in the evenings. If you’re more of a theater person you will have that option as well. If you’re there with kids they have a separate set of events and shows that are kid-friendly and will definitely entertain all audiences. You can enjoy some animated movies with your kids at the resort’s cinema as well. If you are a sports fan you will also have something fun to do without leaving the resort. Crown Australia offers multiple sports bars as well as live broadcasting of all of the important games. So you can enjoy it with your family and friends or bond with strangers over your mutual love of sports in one of the sport’s bars.

Special Events: Holiday Season

It is obvious from all of the abovementioned activities that the Crown Resort knows how to entertain. They offer a wide variety of shows and activities to keep their guests entertained throughout their stay at the glamorous hotel. But if you ever wondered if you could send the New Year’s Eve at the iconic Australian resorts, then the answer is yes and it will definitely be worth your time. While staying at the resort is never boring, when it comes to the holiday season the hotel staff really go all out and not just with decorations. There are well-orchestrated celebration events full of exciting performances and outstanding food and you can be a part of it as well. Every Year Crown delivers special holiday-inspired dinners at all of its world-famous restaurants where you can enjoy your holidays with your loved ones while the Crown staff takes care of the rest. And it is not just one offer, there are multiple options so you can choose the perfect one for you depending on the price or on the types of meals they are planning to serve. Christmas at any of the Crown’s restaurant is an experience of a lifetime and something that your friend and family will likely never forget.