The best Australian Esports teams 2020

Ray Allen

The best Australian Esports teams 2020

Esports is becoming more and more popular all over the world. The tendency of esports growing time by time is already vivid in almost every country. This might be due to increased interest in technologies generally and due to the fact that many people have started playing and considering esports as a serious activity and sport

Some of the countries are involved more than others and thus some are relatively more active with the esports. Consequently, while some countries can definitely boast with the number of quality teams, others have to catch up. But all in all, esports are getting more and more popular time by time. 

One of the countries which is actively following the tendency is Australia. Aussies are one of those nations who love to play, who love to gamble and who love to take active participation in the esports activities. Aussies have some of the best teams in esports and are very proud of their heritage. 

While the esports is getting more and more popular, Australia tries to maintain the title of being the best. Thus, the country presents some of the best teams and players on its account. We are talking about some of the most popular games, such as Nintendo, Dota 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, or CSGO in other words. Those games are not only the most popular but also some of the best paying esports as well. 

Esports on the global scale 

While more and more people start playing esports games, they dedicate more and more time for gaming. It has been published and the research has been conducted which results in most of the population being involved in the esports very actively. Actually, people in Australia especially spend more time on playing esports, rather than watching Netflix. So guess who is the main opponent of Netflix for now? Definitely not HBO anymore. 

Esports is one of the best paying activities as well. This is one more reason why it is so appealing to most of the players. The prize pools are literally huge and thus many people want to win. It is no surprise to hear a number like 5, 10 even 100 million total annual prize pools for the active and successful esports gamers. 

Esports on the Australian scale 

Some of the most prominent names within the Australian teams of the esports players are already included in the International Esports Federation World Championship. Back in 2018, some of the names who were a present and crucial part of Team Nibbies were marc, Joel, Hotchelli, MaX, and Dragkuu. 

Another very successful and very famous team is Legion gaming, though it is not as great as it used to be. The Legion Gaming took leading positions in the first part of the previous decade, though the team only occupied the last positions in 2016. The CyberGamer Pro League is another great example of how good Australians are in esports. 

What is more interesting is that Australian are very eager to promote their university leagues. This is actually one of the first steps that are taken in order to transfer esports into a real sport and profession. The university leagues are already very good at playing and can easily conquer the top levels and lines in the ranking. Yet, what is more, we will definitely witness some more famous and skilled Aussie players within the next few years.