Tabcorp signed up for the six–month rental suspension for all of the details

Ray Allen

Tabcorp signed up for the six–month rental suspension for all of the details

Tabcorp which is one of the biggest and the most popular betting operators in Australia is on the edge of sinking. While all of the sports events and the sports activities have been canceled or rescheduled, people simply were no longer able to place their bets. Of course, some of the alternatives were found, but still not much to survive. Tabcorp had to close all of its 4500 betting venues.

This decision was definitely far from being the easy one, yet there was not much of a choice. 374 outlets out of 4500 are rental, and thus Tabcorp respectfully requested the six-month suspension of the rent. This way, the company would have saved around $20 million, which would have been a good saving for the good start once the pandemic was over.

There is no official announcement regarding this information, yet the documents which have leaked, state that the company filed for suspension, which they were not given. Around 4000 betting outlets are located in different pubs and bars, meaning that they can not function until the owners of the bars and pubs open up.

While the crisis has affected every single industry, betting and online casino sectors still somehow managed to go through this period relatively smoothly. The online industry is getting more and more popular, and people will definitely find a reason to place their bets. One way or another we obviously are not ready for the second lockdown, any time soon.