Strong in mind and body: MMA fighter Megan Anderson

Oliver Noah

Strong in mind and body: MMA fighter Megan Anderson

Megan Anderson is a 29-year-old Australian MMA artist who fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is the former Invicta FC Featherweight champion. 

Her record sits at 1-1 in the UFC after embraced on the toughest challenges for her maiden bout, a show with Holly Holm. The fight between Anderson and Holm ended in a third-round loss on a stacked card for UFC 225 Chicago. Anderson defeated the first woman to take down Ronda Rousey. 

Early Life And Introduction To The MMA

Megan Anderson was born in Gold Coast, Australia. She attended All Saints Anglican School. After graduation, she moved to Canberra and at the beginning of 2008 joined the Australian Army straight after graduating from her high school. 

She served in the army for two and a half years and was discharged when it was discovered that she had an attempt of suicide and was consequently hospitalized. At some point, she returned to Gold Coast and worked as a receptionist while getting involved in the local boxing scene. Due to her existing connections, Anderson was introduced to mixed martial arts and began her training in 2013. 

Her promotional debut was in 2015. She faced Cindy Dandois and lost her first fight by submission (triangle choke). After that the proceeded with three consequential wins in her promotion. 

On 14 January 2017, Anderson faced Charmaine Tweet for the Interim Invicta FC Featherweight Championship. She won the fight by TKO in the second round. Anderson was later promoted from Interim to undisputed Featherweight Champion.

After the UFC opted against signing Anderson, she was scheduled to defend her undisputed title against Helena Kolesnyk at Invicta FC 24, on 15 July 2017, but the fight never took place as Anderson was later signed by the UFC.

Personal Life 

Megan Anderson or the bombshell brunette in MMA also is very active on her social media accounts, especially the Instagram page. She has an impressive collection of tattoos on her social media account page. The tattoos include a female warrior tattoo on her leg, as the interpretation of her life and the struggles she had to overcome and ended up being a true warrior in the end. 

Despite now being one of the most successful and famous fighters, and generally a confident woman as well as the model of the “Strong Independent Woman”, the athlete has her mental health issues. She often makes comments regarding her case on the social media account. 

In one of the posts, she expresses gratitude towards the photographer Bo Flores, who seemed to push her out of the comfort zone, which helped the athlete and her condition a lot. 

The photos that she has posted together with the caption, picture her being half-naked, though she seems to be very confidents, stating that she does what she does and it is apparently what she wants and it is none of the other’s business. 

She has also opened up about her troubled childhood. 

“I feel like I had a lot of issues from my childhood that I’ve never dealt with, and I’ve always been open about being bullied, and I’ve had some – a lot with my home life,” Anderson said. “My dad was an alcoholic. I think it’s been like six years now, so I’m so proud of him he’s been sober, and that’s amazing.

“But I’ve had a lot of demons from my childhood growing up that I never have dealt with, and I kind of used that to fuel me throughout my early MMA career,” Anderson continued. “But I kind of got to a point where I’m kind of at peace with – I never had dealt those issues, and it kind of made everything go to (expletive) for lack of a better word.”

Despite the troublesome childhood the athlete seems to be doing quite well for now. It is also definitely thankfully to the sports and her active life that she can support her condition and at some point. Anderson is the confident woman, who knows what she wants in her life and definitely knows what she does not want to happen to her life as well. She knows how to make her own life a better place for her to be. 

For now, we hope to see the bombshell in some more fights and see her further development and success in the career as well. It is all about the warrior spirit that helps her to maintain her strong position in the rough sports world. She has suffered a lot but has gained from the loss as well. As for now, she handles it really well!