Soccer stars will gather in the Australian match of Football For Fire

Harry Mason

Soccer stars will gather in the Australian match of Football For Fire

Sports is one of the essential parts of Australia. Sportsmen and sports teams have come across the responsibilities and acknowledge the importance of being involved in creating a strong movement. They have already created many campaigns and made big donations for the wildlife services and people that have been injured or touched by the bushfire. There is an addition to the rows. Soccer stars will be the ones playing the charity match for the bushfire relief donations. 

Football For Fire 

Among many campaigns created for supporting Australia, one of them will be the Football For Fire, a soccer match. The charity soccer match will be aiming at raising millions of dollars for people and those communities that have been affected by the bushfire. The main idea behind the match is that the charity match will be the real star-falling place. Most of the famous soccer players, not only local but also internationals will gather to take part in the Football For Fire match. 

The initial announcement was made by Lou Sticca, who is the head of Melbourne based agency Tribal Sports Group. She wrote in her Twitter post that people should be waiting for something really great. She also stated that the major announcements, regarding specific footballers and the game to raise millions of dollars for the bushfire-affected, are still to be made. 

So far all the information that is public, is that the match will most probably take place at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium, and the approximate date is the May month. Tribal and they have not once worked with the venue and they seem to have pretty good relationships. Some of the major events took place at Sydney’s stadium, such as the English Premier League. 

The names of the players that will be present on the match are yet unknown, though we know that some of the very famous European and American names will be heard sooner or later. Those will most probably be the names of the players who have retired already but have left huge history behind. 

As mentioned in the post by Lou Sticca, the Football For Fire is one of the major campaigns that have been organized in order to raise money for the devastated Australia and Australians. This event will draw a lot of attention and what’s most import millions of dollars that will be directly transferred to the rescue services of the country and to the communities that have been affected. The rest of the detailed information about the match should be announced within the next few days. The best is yet to come!