Slot Games based on the iconic movies

Harry Mason

Slot Games based on the iconic movies

While Online Casinos have slowly but surely established their place in the entertainment industry, one of the best things about them are the slot games. Online slots are among the most popular entertainment services that online casinos offer. Since they’re easy to play and are now accessible to almost anyone they’ve gained a lot of users and the demand seems to be rising. Despite being so beginner-friendly what’s appealing about slots its the almost overwhelming amount of choices. Depending on what you like you will be able to find slot games with a variety of themes starting from the music industry, fashion, sports or your favorite movies. So if you’re a film buff and want to enjoy some slot games based around some of the world-famous and well-loved movies, we’ve combined a list of five slot games that deliver just that, so keep reading!

Terminator 2

We’re starting off our list with the cult classic-Terminator. Specifically Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which seems to be the public favorite out of the whole Terminator Franchise. This is one of those rare cases where the sequel actually delivers on its potential with an action-packed, adventure-filled story with quite a few comedic elements to it, so it’s easy to see why it’s the most popular one out of the Terminator franchise. And the slot game does a great job of capturing these qualities and also features a lot of clips from the movie. The online slot adaptation of Terminator 2 also includes appearances of all the lead characters like John and Sarah Connor, Terminator, of course, and even the technically advanced T-1000 cyborg. The online slot game also offers a lot of perks like lucrative free spins with an extra row of symbols and more than 1000 ways to win. The T-000 symbols can even transform into other symbols and give you higher payouts.

The Matrix

Another iconic movie that recently got its own slot game is the Matrix. Considering the sheer cultural impact of this movie and its two sequels it’s not surprising that the online slot games decided to adapt this concept. Matrix was first released in 1999 was a portrayal of the world where humans live in a simulated reality that is supposed to keep them occupied while the energy from their bodies is used for machines that have taken over the world. It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t seen the Matrix or doesn’t get the references. The movie was a huge success and has proven to endure the test of time. The Matrix slot game incorporates all the iconic aspects of the masterpiece created by Wachowski siblings and if you’re a fan of the movie you should absolutely give it a try.

The Gladiator

Moving on from the sci-fi genre, next on our list in the movie Gladiator. The Ancient Roman tale has 5 Oscars and tells one of the most riveting stories about revenge and betrayal. It received a huge response immediately after its release and grossed over $450 million worldwide. Almost anyone who has seen the film will tell you that they love it and if you’re one of those people this slot game is perfect for you since it allows you to recreate some of the most iconic scenes and win like that. The stars of the movie also make an appearance in the slot game with graphics of Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus and Connie Nielsen’s Lucilla. This slot game also offers free spins through its Coliseum bonus. If you manage to trigger the Gladiator bonus you are in for winning the big jackpot.

The Godfather

This movie has one of the largest following even after decades of being released. Movie centers around Don Vito Corleone, who is the head of the mafia family. As he tries to hand over his empire to his youngest son, he ends up putting the lives of his loved one in danger. People of all ages enjoy this movie despite its very specific genre and the intense plot. Even today you will see multiple references to this movie in contemporary films. So it’s no wonder that it made its way into the slot games world. Also based around the plot and the main characters of the Movie this online slot game is a great experience for anyone who is an avid fan of one of the most iconic movies in the history of cinema.

Jurassic Park

A Pioneer in visual effects and musical scores Jurassic Park is among the most cherished movies of the 90s. We even have the Jurassic Park theme parks and its music is instantly recognizable. Jurassic Park made a huge impact on the movie industry and remains a cult classic. Jurassic Park online slot does a great job of capturing the experience of watching the movie with the thrill of online slots. You will see a lot of similar graphic design and your favorite characters from the movie will appear as you play. You have a chance to score 5 free spins, all with different highlights and features so if you love Jurassic Park give this one a go.

The Mummy 

This slot game is based on the action-adventure movie The Mummy. Based on Egyptian mythology the film still remains one of the most popular adventure franchises. The film has unmistakable imagery and scenes that were also kept in the online slot game. The slot game features the iconic music, character graphics, and designs to give you the experience that’s as close as possible to the movie. You will get perks from time to time with free spins and extra features.