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Reviewing Celtic-themed casino game Dawn of the Druids

Harry Mason

Reviewing Celtic-themed casino game Dawn of the Druids

Dawn of the Druids is a casino slot game that was developed by the Japanese Ganapati Group, a company that prides itself on creating a distinctive and engaging product like no one else. We can say with absolute confidence – Dawn of the Druids lives up to top-notch standards.

An average player’s attention will be drawn to its neat and smooth animations, calming design and naturistic theme, thus making sure to suck everyone back to its charms.

Explore the Magic of Druids

The action unveils itself on what looks like a dark stone wrapped by some old twisted branches. On top of the stone, you can notice glorious four Druids, who are wisely watching your moves and ready for a battle at all times. 

Across the five reels, Ganapati gifted us with shiny Japanese characters, swords, and cauldrons. Absolutely enchanting background of trees, animated birds and mysterious stones which can create an association with “The Shire.”

Soothing background music transports us to the magic realm, but if you are being annoyed, there are options to regulate sound effects and background music volume. You can also use “Spacebar” on your keyboard as a spin action.

Reap Bonuses and Rewards from Druids

What you really want to encounter is a Dominant Druid, which triggers when all four druids land at the same time as the wild symbol. You will get 10 free games and each spin of this round will reveal a dominant druid.

A single druid should replace any other raising your chances of collecting big rewards! If you are one of those lottery-winning types of people, then a highest-paying Druid will lay across all five reels which will result in a prize of 2,500x your line stake. 

Here is a very unique bonus you can use at the end of the free spins round, but it’s basically a 50/50 gamble (which should be no surprise frankly) – you can collect your wins or put them for a further ten spins, but the quest is to stop a spinning needle on the green half of the dial.

You should keep in mind that the bottle of some sort of glowing blue liquid is a wild symbol which is worth a maximum of 167x the line bet.

Last words of judgment

Dawn of the Druids is definitely not something out of this world, but certainly, its dreamy, magic theme is so appealing that it would be a challenge to find a player being bored by this game.

It is an especially fascinating feature for risk-takers to take a gamble and leave with bigger wins or empty hands. Multipliers are undoubtedly worth trying this game out, who knows, maybe Celtic spirits are on your side and you’ll leave with full pockets this time? You never know.