Responsible Australian Gambling Society: gaming regulation training

Oliver Noah

Responsible Australian Gambling Society: gaming regulation training

Gambling wordwise is a serious problem that nations keep struggling to overcome year by year. Though, it becomes harder and harder as the new methods and practices of gambling pop up in the industry annually. The biggest competitor in the gambling industry, is Australia, with thousands of casinos, pubs, and clubs on its account. The vast majority of the population is involved in gambling activity, and many of them are already addicts. 

The Matter Of Possibilities 

The researches have been conducted on the mentioned topic, revealing the results of Australia having the largest number of losers among any other competitor countries. Australians lose an average of $16 billion a year to gambling, which can simply be a budget of any third world country. The amount is around $900 per every man, woman, and child. 

The statistics of losses in Australia are 100% of losses in the United States. Australians also lose twice as much as their next closest competitors, Singaporeans, who are also famous for losing their money. Many Singaporean businessmen are frequent visitors in the Australian casinos and even have VIP client titles as well as fast-check visas in some cases. 

There are over 10.000 venues for gambling excluding the pokies that can be found even in the most ordinary bars, which makes it even harder for addicts not to pay attention to them. Moreover, this gives the easy possibility for the citizens to spend their weekends at a resort and maybe place bets or visit large casinos, which own their own resorts. The number of sports bets placed annually exceeds several million. Several states in Australia have become more and more focused on the notion of responsible gambling. 

The Matter Of Concern 

As the options for gambling vary in Australia, people all of the ages are involved in the different activities of the industry. Pokies, the small online gambling machines are located even in cafes, not in the specifically dedicated venues, but in public places where they are accessible by the teenagers as well as children. This fact can be considered as illegal part as gambling is illegal in Australia until the age of 21. 

The matter of concern is the fact that many people admit that they are addicts and because of having a very accessible infrastructure it is even harder for them to give up. In order to create a more responsible gambling environment in the country, two agencies launched a program for responsible gambling. Liquor and Gaming New South Wales in collaboration with the International Center for Gaming Regulations. The headquarter is located in the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, another side of the world, but still the most demanded destination for gambling and entertainment. Together, both parties hoped gambling companies would share knowledge and information in order to support the program and contribute to a healthier and more responsible gambling environment in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. 

A Matter Of Being Informed 

Within the project and due to the collaboration of the nation’s leading regulatory organizations, one-week long training was conducted for regional countries. Before the training, they had interviewed and made a survey on the topics participants would have wanted to be discussed during the training. In the feedback from the other gambling agencies as well as the government regulators, the most desired topics and information included self-banning, addiction recovery and awareness, fraud and company policy. 

All of the mentioned topics were touched and discussed by the representatives of 15 countries from the business, jurisdiction as well as regulators field. There were no agreements or any kind of promises during the training, though most of the participants have expressed their hopes that companies and gambling regulators can work together for the sake of making gambling safer for everybody. They really crave for gaming without addition but for the entertainment and fun purpose, for which they agree for more regulations and cooperation from both the regulators and agencies’ side. 

The prohibited fruit is always the tastiest, so there should not be any further prohibitions, but rather practice good collaboration responsibility, which seems to be the positive sign in the further development and improvement of the entertainment industry.

For the sake of responsible gambling environment, and having fun.