PoinsBet signs a long-term deal with NBA

Oliver Noah

PoinsBet signs a long-term deal with NBA

PointsBet is an online betting website originated in Australia. PointsBet has obtained a license in the U.S and become one of the most popular oddsmakers in the world. 

To deliver the best betting services in the U.S the PointsBet has recently closed a deal with the National Basketball Association. It’s the first such arrangement the Australian-based oddsmaker has brokered with NBA. According to the deal, PointsBet will be an official authorized sports betting operator of NBA, which is a huge deal for the betting company. The partnership seems to be multi-year and will produce years worth of engaging betting options. 

After the collaborations have officially begun, PointsBet will have access to all of the NBA’s betting data and league marks, which it can use for its betting platforms. This sort of a deal is of great importance to the entire betting community, but specifically for those loving to bet on their favorite players.

Additional features

This partnership will be integrating their Win Probability metric, something that they haven’t done before, and the metric will be accessible across all NBA Platforms. The Win Probability metrics feature fall right in line with the general politics of the betting company, which has less of a black and white approach and allows the winners to have partial wins, or increase their wins. This metric will keep a real-time insight into the possible outcomes of the games that will be based on the analytics and statistics that the PointsBet sportsbook already uses. This will elevate the whole experience of betting, allowing the players to get more dependable insight into the world of NBA and bet with more confidence.

These collaborations also hope to strengthen the integrity of the NBA, to prove its dedication to its standards and sincerity.

Doitbest has had a pretty successful last two years, recently reporting the 169% year-on-year growth, and expanding its services to Australia and some other U.S states. This NBA partnership will allow the company to grow even faster, reaching new audiences and engaging with different groups who usually shy away from the betting scene.

Future of sports betting

This partnership will allow the NBA to have more say in the betting that goes along with all the important games these days, since gambling has become an essential part of every sports event, but for the PointsBet this is an even bigger deal. To work with the NBA, which is recognized and admired worldwide, is a big deal for any company, but it’s even bigger for the betting industry which is still establishing itself and often gets overlooked by bigger companies.

This partnership could really improve the betting scene by offering them more high-quality services, dependable data, and collaborative work. This move serves as yet another proof that the NBA is one of the most forward-thinking leagues out there that think outside the box, and is very much in tune with the demands of its fans and gambling lovers.