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PlayUp starts offering a new ‘5 Leg Multi’ bonus on racing

Oliver Noah

PlayUp starts offering a new ‘5 Leg Multi’ bonus on racing

If you’ve used PlayUp platform before, you probably know that the website is no stranger to interesting promotions. Even now, there are dozens of offers you can find within the ‘Promotions’ tab. One of these offers is called a ‘5 Leg Multi’ bonus and it is definitely something that you will be interested in if you like betting on horse racing or other sports. 

Whenever you place a 5-Leg Multibet on the PlayUp website and only one of the multi-legs losses, the platform will return your wager in the form of a bonus bet up to $200. We have all had moments when we are lucky but not really lucky enough to win. Those moments can be extremely disappointing as you get really close to winning but then miss out by a little. This bonus makes such moments better by returning your bet back and giving you a chance to try out one more time. 

The bonus doesn’t come with any restrictions or requirements that are very tough on the user or drastically limit the number of people who can participate in it. On the contrary, the terms are quite welcoming. The bonus can be used on both Racing and Sports and you can use it as many times as you want. You can’t take part in the bonus, however, if you’re using bonus bet money to place the bet. You also can’t use the bonus in conjunction with any other offer on the website. No Boosted Bets or Live Bets are counted in the promotion either. Otherwise, if you place a 5-Leg Multibet and each leg is at odds of $1.30 or more, you are free to receive the benefits offered by this promotion.