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PalmerBet give back your bet even if your team loses

Oliver Noah

PalmerBet give back your bet even if your team loses

PalmerBet has many fun and exciting promotions on its website. The platform likes to update its offers quite often and frequently you’ll see promotions that are designed for a specific month or a particular set of games. One of the latest promotions on the website is called ‘NBA Money Back’. It gives users back the wagered money in the form of a bonus bet even if their team ends up losing the game. In order to participate in the bonus, you have to make a Head to Head win be on selected ESPN televised games throughout the latest NBA regular season. If the team you bet on ends up losing the game but is ahead at the end of ¾ time, you will still get your wagered money back as a bonus bet up to $100

What this bonus means, is that if your team manages to reach ¾ time of the game ahead of its competitor, you can relax and rest assured that the money you bet will be returned to you as a bonus bet even if the rest of the game doesn’t go as you want. Naturally, you would still prefer to win the wager and earn more money than your bet. However, the bonus adds an extra thing to be excited about during the game and thus makes betting with PalmerBet much more exciting.

If you are one of those people that really care about promotions and for whom bonuses make up a big part of the betting experience, you will love PalmerBet. It is clear that the platform not only cares about having a high number of bonuses on its website but also wants to make them as exciting and interesting as possible. In addition to giving you an actual benefit, these bonuses also make it more enjoyable to bet on PalmerBet.