One more online slot in the name of Ozzy Osbourne

Oliver Noah

One more online slot in the name of Ozzy Osbourne

Slot machines have always been the most favorite attractions for gamers. However, with the advent and proliferation of the internet, slots mounted on a whole new track. Online slots are increasingly becoming the biggest hits in the online gaming world.

One of the reasons why online slots are so appealing is their flexibility. In the era where slots were confined in the actual machines, the design possibilities were pretty much none. You could have no more than 7 symbols on a single reel, meaning that your creative capabilities were restricted.

However, online slots have solved that problem. Since there’s no actual space to put those symbols, developers can create hundreds, and even thousands, of different skin packs and designs that have various themes, from pop culture, literature, history, and more.

The Prince of Darkness slot

One example of this flexibility is NetEnt with its new Ozzy Osbourne-themed slot. NetEnt Rocks is a world-famous slots lobby where various rockstar-themed slots are offered to the online gamers. And now, the collection is yet to be updated again.

According to Bryan Upton, NetEnt’s director of games, Ozzy Osbourne is a world-renowned rockstar whose name truly transcends the music industry. 

“He might be the Prince of Darkness, but he’s had an incredibly colorful career and we are ecstatic to have worked with him for his latest gig. With its great gameplay and exciting theme, Ozzy Osbourne Video SlotsTM will appeal to his fans as well as a wide cross-section of slots players,” says Upton.

As mentioned in a statement, the game is called the Prince of Darkness and will be a center stage in the Ozzy Osbourne Video SlotsTM collection. It will feature illustrations from the artist’s one and only career, as well as licensed music from his catalog when he was a solo artist.

The game consists of re-spin and free spins with the action-packed symbol charge up. After each free spin and before re-spin, symbol charge up is activated, awarding you one or several rewards: Coin Win, Wild symbols, Multipliers or Symbol Upgrade.

There’s even a Bonus Bet which makes your bets much more exciting and lucrative. On activation, it boosts the chances of winning the features, adds one extra Free Spin, and increases the Multipliers.

Osborn’s merchandising team has also shown support and enthusiasm for this collaboration. According to Barry Drinkwater, Chairman of Global Merchandising Services, Ozzy Osbourne’s merchandising and brand management partner, “we’ve been looking forward to Ozzy Osbourne Video SlotsTM going live ever since we signed the partnership with NetEnt and we’re delighted with the result.”