Norway is planning on unifying the gambling legislation under one

Oliver Noah

Norway is planning on unifying the gambling legislation under one

The gambling industry is one of the biggest industries all over the world and thus, requires some of the biggest attention. This is something that is common for the majority of countries, where gambling is legal and supported by most of the people. The gambling industries are very diverse, and due to the variety and the number of gambling operators and providers, it sometimes becomes hard to control and monitor the whole industry from a single sleeve. 

Different countries have different approaches to monitoring the industry. Some countries have come to the decision that it is way better and more efficient to have one single regulatory authority responsible for the industry and the operators present there. While gambling has been long legalized in Norway, it is just now that the country has come to the decision to unify all the regulators and have one common framework. 

The government has since majorly come to the conclusion that different gambling forms and gambling operators need to have different approaches and supervision. The number of channels and the ever-increasing amount of them have once again reminded Norway that some more efficient ways should be introduced. 

The gambling laws are undergoing certain reforms, and thus this might be the most perfect time for some sort of changes. The reforms shall facilitate the smooth transition process. The gambling regulator, Lotteritilsynet is convinced that a more holistic solution to the whole Nordic gambling industry is to bring them together under one rooftop. 

There are some legislative guidelines currently working in Norway. Those are the Lottery Act, the Gambling Act, and the Totalisator Act. this is not the first time the country officials are trying to bring all of the act together, yet this should be the most realistic opportunity for now. The European Commission is ready to review the whole new guideline. 

The Lotteritilsynet is up to creating completely new and much more comprehensive and cohortative gambling industries in the country. The improving gambling ecosystem in Norway should also assist in preventing gambling-related problems and especially addiction. The regulators say that the changes should strengthen the instruments of monitoring and provide better overall control of the gambling market, which will also encourage the responsible gambling in Norway. 

While some changes may be introduced, it still does not mean that the whole industry will open up. Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping are just a few state-owned operators that are the first on the list of being in control, as controlling them should attract more customers to the market overall. 

The fact that certain online casino games were at some point considered to be safer to the player because of the strict protection protocol, makes other operators think that the controlling system could actually encourage more people to gamble with the secure online casinos. The competitor online casinos which by that time will not be able to offer similar services will be left without customer flow. 

While the official guidelines are being reviewed by the European Commission, the full plan and the changes are still on hold. Though this is not going to last very long. The update in the gambling reform will be introduced by the end of November. This is when we all are going to witness true changes in the gambling industry of Norway.