Negotiations are delayed: The Star Entertainment demands a 30-year casino monopoly on the Gold Coast

Ray Allen

Negotiations are delayed: The Star Entertainment demands a 30-year casino monopoly on the Gold Coast

Australia counts hundreds of casinos and gambling venues on the country’s account. There are plenty of venues and there consequently is the demand for all of the venues and gambling activities. Australia is one of the most active countries in these terms. Most of the citizens are involved in one or another type of gambling activity.

There are many gambling operators and gaming providers in the country, and therefore the competition is very high in the market. Almost all of the providers and the operators are competing with each other. On the one side, it is very nice quality and quantity always gets better and better with time. Though, from the other point of view in some places and the territories the casinos and providers are not ready to leave their leading positions to others at all. 

One of the main and the biggest casino operators in the country is the Stars Entertainment Group. There have been raising issues regarding the solo operation of the company in the market recently. It seemed that the topic had already been discussed, though the discussion is still ongoing. 

The Solo Ride 

As it has become known The Star Entertainment Group is demanding a 30-year casino monopoly on the Gold Coast and is currently in the formal negotiations with the Queensland government to lock-out big-name international rivals that have expressed an interest in building an integrated resort on the Glitter Strip.

Four meetings have been held with state government officials over a possible “exclusivity” deal in exchange for Star to contractually commit to a proposed $2b revamp of its Gold Coast casino, convention center, and hotel operations.

The Stars have been the only operator in the region for some time and definitely do not want to lose the position and the solo-ship for the new rivals. The terms are set and the rules are played according to the Star. they are ready to make a very valid commitment in order to maintain the position and to stay the solo player in the market. Though, the monopoly des do not sound as exciting as it might be for the company. 

Star is urging the Palaszczuk government to abandon a proposal to issue a second casino ­licence as part of a “Global Tourism Hub” that has attracted formal interest from Hard Rock International, Hong Kong cas­ino tycoon Lawrence Ho’s Melco Resorts and the Macau-based Galaxy Entertainment Group.

There have been issues with the Ho family in the industry previously as well, so the Star does not seem to be very hyped about this either. 

Star has won the help of the United Voice association, which speaks to gambling club laborers after it is comprehended to have struck another modern arrangement with the ­casino on the Gold Coast and at its Brisbane club.

Direct Negotiations 

A month ago, Tourism Minister Kate Jones declared the state government would go into “direct dealings” with Star in an offer to quick track new travel industry framework and look to “contractualise the conveyance” of its $2bn masterplan for the Gold Coast. Star has openly cautioned it needs “eliteness” for its Gold Coast permit to proceed with the masterplan. 

It has also been stated that the Stars have requested a 30 year ensured imposing business model on the Gold Coast, yet the state government was resisting from the proposed action. 

As Ms. Jones has stated last month, there were certain expectations that the decision would have been made before the Christmas period, but is now believed negotiations will mostly go into the next year and will hold for slightly more. 

“The formal process being used for the Star Entertainment Group negotiations are in line with the state government’s exclusive negotiating framework under the Department of State Development,’’ Ms. Jones said in a statement.

“I can confirm that probity auditors O’Connor Marsden and Associates have been engaged to ensure the required ­accountability standards are met for the negotiations.”

Ms. Jones said she had had no discussions with any union leader about any mooted enterprise bargaining agreement related to the casino.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the Star held at least three Labor fundraisers at Star casino development in Brisbane and is deemed a developer.  It is obvious that the Star is trying hard to succeed and want to make the best profit out of the negotiation while yet not losing the occupied position. 

It has become known that the casino had given away the sports tickets and accommodations to almost half of Annastacia Palaszczuk’s cabinet. And this is not the first time we have heard of it. As the casino has been known for the actions for past years as well. 

Well, the time and the negotiations will show if the Star of the company will shine on the Gold Coast this time.