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Neds betting site offers unique promos and features

Harry Mason

Neds betting site offers unique promos and features

Neds is a modern online betting site that pushes the boundaries of the bookmaking business in many ways. Not only is the company maintaining a feature-packed platform but it also comes up with new and innovative products to improve the betting experience for the customers. Neds is definitely no stranger to promotions. It has a number of them constantly available on its website.  It also wants to offer something extra that will give it a competitive edge and will also make betting easier and more enjoyable for the end-users.

Neds Card is the latest attempt by the company to differentiate its services. It is a plastic card that is linked directly with your betting account on neds. The card is used to make withdrawals much easier. The first thing you do to obtain the Neds Card is to request it from the website. Remember that in order to do that, you have to verify your account first. Once you request the card, it will arrive in 21 business days. Upon arrival, you will have to activate the card by following simple instructions. This will take a couple of minutes and you will be ready to use the full functionality of the card.

Neds Card can be used to make payments via PayWave technology and traditional methods using POS terminals. You can also make ATM withdrawals using the card. This means that now it is going to be much easier for you to withdraw the winnings and you will be able to spend directly from the account without having to wait for days until the payment is processed and the funds appear on your traditional bank account. With features like these and a number of appealing promotions, it’s hard to resist the appeal of the Neds website.