Melbourne Storm was named the best sports team in Australia

Harry Mason

Melbourne Storm was named the best sports team in Australia

Australia is one of the best-known countries within the sports industry. For several decades the country is the patron of the best teams and sportsmen in different types of sports. It is no surprise that the country provides the industry with the best candidates. The competition is very high within the local market itself. 

The Best Among The Bests 

Teams are training for the whole year to compete with each other and occupy leading positions in the list of the best teams in the country. This year was extremely successful for some of the teams. The Melbourne Storm was named as the best sports team in Australia, after beating the Crusaders and the NSW Breakers. 

The Melbourne Storm has been nominated as the best sports team over the past five years. 

The team has reached great success and has crawled through the most successful and strongest 16 competitors. The winning possibilities have been calculated by the experts and the performances have been observed as well. The Melbourne Storm happened to be the 1st and the best among the competitors, considering the performance and stability analysis. 

The study has also been conducted regarding the win of the Melbourne Storms. They were given the opportunity to make a donation to the charity. The choice of the club stopped on the Leukemia Foundation. Together with this fact, the coach of the team Craig Bellamy participated in the world’s greatest shave. 

Fantastic Five 

Together with the Melbourne Storm, there have been other teams that have been aiming for the best outcome and the leading position in the list. Among the fantastic five, or the first five positions, the Perennial Super Rugby powerhouse of the Crusaders came to the second position. The sports team has been in the leading solid position for the past 25 years. 

The third place and the bronze were occupied by the women’s cricket side the NSW Breakers, followed by the Sydney FC. the last-mentioned team is the top A-League member. The team has also held two grand finals with the Premier’s Plates. With all of this, they still came to the fourth position. 

The Stable Competition 

The competition was observed and analyzed by the jury and the experts. One of them was the director of Gain Line Analytics and former Wallabies prop, Ben Darwin. He has also commented on the outcome of the competition. Ben Darwin has observed 8210 individual matches, with the participation of 138 teams. The research and the observation were very determined and this year it looked the most stable. 

Darwin has also outlined the importance of the success focused teams and the determination and willpower that each of them holds. He has also highlighted the fact that the jury was focused on the development and the dedication of the clubs, and consequently, that was the main criterion of the competition. He also talked about the short-term and long-term success. 

While making comments, Darwin has also talked about the two major focuses of this year, those being the winner team, Melbourne Storms and Crusaders. 

The other strong competitors on the side included Hurricanes and Richmond who have been distributed to the sixth and seventh positions. Sydney Roosters were the second NRL side on the list, coming in eighth, with the Cronulla Sharks also made the list in the 25th spot.

The officials of the competition have also talked about the importance and the benefit of the “good governance” that was basically the determination of the success this year. Darwin also discussed a long-term thinking perspective. Once the clubs decide to think short-term this is the great demotivation for the team as well as the huge limit put on the club. To be the winner it is of crucial importance to be thinking long-term and to move beyond self-interest. 

The competition this year differed a lot with the competition over the past 25 years, some of the teams were able to move to the A-League side and make huge progress. One such team is Gain Line, that has been a valuable addition to the A-League. 

The list of the best teams of this year is very flamboyant. It includes representatives of different sports types. The top 25 list includes both women and men’s teams as well as a variety of sports. The competitors varied with types. Being it water polo, Rugby or Cricket. The main idea behind the competition is to have a variety of teams who specify in different types of sports. This is important for all of the clubs to be able to participate. It also helps less known teams to have their moment of shining and to get more attention from the public. Just because you are not the diamond, does not mean that you can not shine.