Making it easier: Australia launches a new law to regulate the betting

Harry Mason

Making it easier: Australia launches a new law to regulate the betting

Australia is one of the biggest players in the gambling industry. It has hundreds of online and land-based casinos and almost the majority of the population is involved in some kind of gambling activity. 

People in Australia love to gamble. Especially they love to bet and gamble online. This has caused some of the important problems among the citizens that the government now has to come up with the solution. 

The New Legislations 

The Morrison government will be launching the legislation that will allow people to ban themselves from all online gambling sites. Previously it was only available for the land-based casinos. People were able to put themselves in the blacklist, meaning that they would not be able to enter the casinos and gamble. With this legislation put in power the same will be able with the online betting sites. 

An online National Self-Execution Register aims to reduce gambling-related harm and is a key measure within the National Consumer Protection Framework. Anne Ruston, the Families, and Social Services Minister has said in a statement that “As much as possible government policy should preserve Australians’ ability to enjoy a punt while putting in place sensible and targeted measures to prevent and support gamblers facing significant risks of harm.” 

Ruston has also mentioned that the proposed legislation is a voluntary process where an individual can ban themselves from using all interactive wagering services across the state boundaries. The ban can exceed three month period to the permanently and the process will be very simple. 

“It is a measure that we believe will motivate gamblers to have periods where they do not gamble online at all as a way of changing their behavior and minimizing the risk they face of gambling-related harm,” Senator Ruston said.

Measures Taken Before 

As the Australian citizens are knowns for their addiction to gambling and especially betting, the inquiry has been conducted within the previous month. The results showed that people wanted to get rid of their addiction and wanted more responsible gambling. 

After the inquiry, there was a conference held. At the conference, there were present many people from the companies as well as representatives of different authorities from the gambling industry and the governmental representatives. Citizens who had a will to attend the conference were very much welcome and were provided with some key points and tips on how to make their gambling more responsible. 

The new legislation will be one step further in order to make the gambling process more comfortable and entertaining rather than addicting and stressful. 

The individuals who will be registered and will apply to the self-ban will not be able to gamble online within the period they have selected. The legislation will be taken into action within the whole country. 

It Is All About The Responsible Decisions 

Not only the single individuals will be the target of the legislation through. Under the register, an interactive wagering service provider will be prohibited from directly advertising and promoting to a person registered for self-exclusion. This is due to the matter, to make their exclusion simpler and more comfortable. 

During the self-exclusion period, all funds held in a consumer’s active account have to be returned to the customer once all wagers and bets are finished. Only after that, the account can be closed. 

The responsible party for the implementation of the legislation will be the Australian Communications and Media Authority.