Legalized sports betting in Australia is a reason of drinking champagne for NFL

Harry Mason

Legalized sports betting in Australia is a reason of drinking champagne for NFL

As the modern world is all about the internet and virtuality, it is no surprise that online gambling is gaining more and more popularity among people worldwide. As gambling is a big part of modern society itself, online gambling and especially sports betting still occupy the leading positions. 

It Is Legal

In some countries as well as in some of the states in the US, online sports betting is not legal. An interesting issue was with New Jersey. The national football league sued the state for banning online sports betting throughout the states. The state banned online gambling despite the vast majority of votes were in favor of the online betting is legal. 

The National Football League (NFL) decided not to lose time and sued the state for the illicit action as well as some of the new supporters on its side. The incident happened in 2011. 

Only after 7 years, in 2018 the United StatesSupreme Court would side with the voters of the state of New Jersey and legalized online sports gambling throughout the state, which brought very positive outcomes and comments from the national football league’s owners. The ownership group of the National Football League finds sports betting as one of the best ways of money-making as well as involving more people in sports. Moreover, people who are actively betting, this will be an additional inspiration for them to follow the NFL. 

The Outcome

Legalized sports gambling is the perfect chance for making additional money, and since the law and implemented and the state of New Jersey is free of the ban, the NFL ownership group seems to be extremely happy about the situation. According to the comments made on that occasion, people want to be involved and want to bet on the product, specifically on football games. 

There are several authorized partnerships in the United States with casinos as long as the casino does not mention sports betting. Still, there does not seem to be any problem or issue with the National Football League with being partners with a bookmaking company in Australia. The bookmaking company, Tabcorp which will be the only authorized betting operator of the NFL in Australia, is one of the biggest betting operators in Australia, that has a variety of services and activities on its account. 

The deal between the two mentioned parties makes Tabcorp the official league wagering partner in Australia. The NFL will also be arranging the NFL Network as well as the NFL Red Zone in the deal of some gamblers who can watch the games on Mondays and Tuesdays in betting venues across Australia. Some of the greens are promised to be made. Betting is definitely an asset that is seen as a way of getting more interest in the general product. 

This is the approach of the ownership group. 

Despite the fact that the NFL has stated that NFL Network, as well as NFL Red Zone, is included in the deal with Tabcorp, it does not mean that the ownership group has any plans on holding any pre-season games in the country. The full dot was put on that notion earlier in 2017, when Australia, Queensland wanted to host NFL game in Brisbane, though got the strict refusal at that moment, and it does not look like the situation has shifted anyhow that way. The country is still very far away for the league to stage a regular-season game. There have not been any NFL games hosted by Australia in this century but the last century ended up exactly with the last game taking place in Australia. 

Tabcorp is one of the largest online betting operators in Australia, for now, it can be said that it is not a monopolist but is not far away either. As Tabcorp has signed another agreement shorty after the NFL with NBA, stating that it will be the only authorized betting operator in Australia. 

Partnership with two giants on the market such as the NBA and NFL is a very big deal for an Australian company. It will definitely increase the number of gamblers nationwide.