It’s no joke: universities where you can study gambling

Oliver Noah

It’s no joke: universities where you can study gambling

University – a source of education that is massively acclaimed all around the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a BA in Archeology, International Relations, or Astrophysics, the chances of your approval on a workplace or anywhere else is significantly higher.

For ages, university education is almost always associated with more “serious” fields and practices. And gambling is certainly not included in those practices. People think of gambling as a low-end industry where people earn money, not by their hard work, but a mere chance and luck.

However, we’re here to tell you that there’s more to gambling than meets the eye. From every standpoint – be it a casino operator or a consumer – you have to have mastered several key techniques and management methods if you want to succeed in this industry.

That’s why it’s not a lowly market of entertainment – it’s so much more. And several universities in the United States have realized this. They know that by teaching gambling management to their students, both parties will benefit – the establishment, for expanding their academic reach and the students, for getting a comprehensive education in this financial sector.

With the degrees received from those four universities – College of Southern Nevada, Morrisville State College, University of Southern Mississippi, and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst – not only will you be able to work in and operate a brick-and-mortar casino successfully but the same advantages go for online gambling establishments as well.

iGaming Academy for your online gambling education

However, despite these traditional universities providing a full-fledged gambling degree that you can use anywhere in this industry, you can also get a pretty comprehensive education from the online courses. One of the most prominent online course providers in this industry is iGaming Academy. 

On iGaming, there are over 40 different online courses in different disciplines such as Introduction to iGaming, Responsible Gaming, Online Casino Management, and countless more. All of those programs are designed to fit both novice and experienced gamers and entrepreneurs from all around the world. 

And besides having some of the best gambling education materials on the market, iGaming also features Blockchain Academy for entities that are eager to incorporate this new financial technology to their businesses; Impact Academy, which is an online course directory for hotel and hospitality management.

College of Southern Nevada

And now, let’s take a look at the above-mentioned universities and see, what they’re offering to their students. Let’s start with the College of Southern Nevada. The College has its own Casino Management Program on which both casino employees and current students can enroll.

The Casino Management Program has several branches which include managerial positions, as well as supervisory and intermediate positions in the gambling industry. The degree-holders of this program can have a successful career as a game dealer – be it blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, or anything else, cashier, supervisor, or any type of manager. All in all, the College of Southern Nevada provides a comprehensive education for operating both online and land-based casinos.

Morrisville State College

Next up, Morrisville State College. Morrisville offers gaming & casino management program which is a world-class course with full-time casino labs and quality technology. In this course, enrolled students can get proficient in casino marketing, management, supervision, catering, etc.

The gaming & casino management program of Morrisville is also special in terms of licensing: the program is certified by the American Hotel/Motel Association nationwide. Besides having the ability to continue your gambling career in any casino all around the world, you can also continue your studies in the College on several BA degrees: Bachelor of Technology, Bachelor of Business Administration, etc.

The University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi is yet another US university that offers a unique Casino Management Certificate that’s backed by the Mississippi Casino Operators Association. In this program, you can become proficient in several areas of casino management: casino resort management, gaming proficiency, casino education, etc. 

The University of Southern Mississippi offers this course every Spring and Fall, expanding its versatility and ability to complete the course within a year. And to make it more exciting, many professional lecturers from famous casino establishments across the country will be delivering the lectures regularly.

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst

And last, but not least, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Out of all four universities mentioned in this article, only this establishment offers a full-fledged undergraduate degree in casino management. 

The program is 4-year-long and after the completion, you’re getting a university certificate. As for the tuition, if you’re studying in-state, you’ll be paying $14,171, while the out-of-state studies will cost you $30,504. The program offers courses in gaming, hospitality management, regulatory framework, and many more.

Changing the game in academic education

University education has long been limited to the confines of “aesthetic” degrees such as Arts, History, Social and Natural Sciences, etc. Their graduates received overall acclaim from their employers, as well as their peers. However, it took the world a long time to realize that there are other fields that can greatly benefit from an academic touch.

Four US universities, including College of Southern Nevada, Morrisville State College, University of Southern Mississippi, and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, offer their distinctive courses that vary from casino hospitality management and supervision all the way to game dealership. Besides, the online courses offered by iGaming Academy and other websites are just as beneficial as the certificates received from those universities.