How will 5G affect online gambling

Oliver Noah

How will 5G affect online gambling

At this point, most people would associate 5G with the U.S-China conflict that saw it start with the accusation that China was using the HUAWEI technology to gather information about American Intelligence and that’s why the U.S didn’t want China supplying the necessary technology for the 5g development to process to start. This back and forth between two countries followed by the ban of Huawei products in the U.S somewhat overshadows the importance and the potential of 5G which holds the potential to change the way we use our mobile devices.

What is 5G?

5G is an upgrade from the 4G that most mobile device users have access to. But the 5G is the updated version that offers 300 megabits per second, 10 gigabits per second on maximum speed and is capable of downloading 4.7GB DVD in four seconds. As technology moves forwards our standard also develops. People now conduct the majority of their business online, while also looking for entertainment online. With 5G the most important upgrade is the speed that will allow its users to enjoy content or game uninterrupted while using their data.

It is said to be 100 times faster compared to 4G. With this speed also comes the opportunity for multiple industries to expand their scope and their services, delivering a more high-quality experience.

With the development of technology, industries have developed as well, mostly in order to keep up with the demands and not lose relevancy. This newest addition to the technological innovations will make it possible to access more services and with the way better speed. One of the main industries that is said to benefit the most out of it is the gaming industry.

What does 5G mean for the online gambling industry

Online casinos and sports bettings have taken the world by storm. Almost rivaling their real-life competitors, online casinos offer all the same services that real-life casinos do but they grant their consumers a chance to enjoy these services within the comfort of their own room. While these gambling venues have no shortage of users one major drawback that keeps coming up with the consumers, is the speed issues that can sometimes ruin the whole experience. When the speed is limited it’s hard to focus on the game and it can sometimes put you at the disadvantage. According to some sources the gaming industry plans on implementing the benefits of 5G connectivity to apply them directly to the processing of bets and circulating odds, which can be done from multiple devices during live sports events. This will allow gambling operators to generate more revenue from a single sports event.

5G is also said to allow more high-quality gaming and will be able to more closely resemble top-level console games. This will also bring way more attention to online casinos and games because of the low-quality graphics while they allow for the player to access them with easy they take away a lot from the experience. When 5G is more publically accessibly it will like to make online gambling more common with people being able to enjoy their favorite gambling games on the go in high quality and stellar speed.

Mainstream VR

One of the most exciting possibilities is the VR online casino experience. While online casinos today are not too far in their games, there is still a clear distinction between the regular and the real-life casino. With the mainstream appliance of VR in the online gambling industry, this is set to change and will serve as an additional attraction for the millennials to try out online casinos. And you might be thinking that using regular smartphones for VR for a long period of time might be impossible since it would require too much battery power but another major perk of 5G is that it requires less of it compared to 4G.

This is actually one of the most anticipated features since most of the people who use 4G on the regular basis know that you cant use it for too long or it will decrease your phone’s battery percentage very quickly. With 5G the problem is out of the way and who knows, you might be enjoying a virtual reality online casino for hours within a matter of months.

5G although still controversial due to its unfortunate mix up in the politics and espionage accusations is a major step forward in technology. It will probably first hit the US market which has the highest number of installations is available in the US, with an intention to become operational by the end of 2019 as a part of U.S President, Donald Trump’s efforts to roll out the new cellular network earlier than China. This comes at a very convenient time for sport betting venues since the more relaxed legislation has launched in the US regarding gambling.

For decades the majority of the states could openly operate gambling establishments but now the rules are changing and the US will have the prime opportunity to implement all the possibilities that 5G offers for gambling.

The rest of the world will probably follow soon after and as the adoption rates go up, so will the number of casinos offering either VR experiences or improved quality games that can be accessed by a larger amount of people. Either way, 5G means a big shift in the online gaming industry and is set to bring about a higher standard, enhancing the customer experience.