How Aussies win millions on lotteries

Ray Allen

How Aussies win millions on lotteries

Perhaps no other country can boast a love for lotteries. Not in the same way as Australia, that is for sure. There are virtually millions of tickets sold by Australian lotto companies annually. The number of winners is huge and the amount of prize money can be quite mesmerizing. Just a small piece of paper? This is no joking matter!

The multiple-digit wins in the recent Australian lotto history have safely reached a billion. It is no secret that many of the winners, and generally people who participate in lotteries, have been buying lotto tickets for ages. It has become an integral part of their daily routine. Some of them were lucky enough to win a life-changing amount of money, while others still have a long way to come. 

Australian lotteries 

There are several major lottery companies in Australia. These are Lotto, New South Wales Lotteries, The Powerball and Golden Casket. Plus, let’s not forget those instant scratch card tickets!

Australian lotteries usually come with great wins, which over time, have become synonymous with their brand name. There are literally thousands of people who get paid out millions, all across its several divisions. The most popular, and the most sought-after in terms of prize money, is the first division. Usually, winning a prize in their first division comes to several million. At this point, you should no more have questions as to why Australians have to keep on buying those lotto tickets.

Lotto companies with the biggest wins 

Lotto is a company that has given out over $700 million in the last year. In total, there have been 221 divisions and all of them came with a very “valid” amount of money! The second on the list is the Powerball. Most of their massive wins happened with the Powerball lotto tickets. There have been several number one divisions over the years, with a total prize pool of over $336 million. 

Powerball has chosen the lucky day to be Thursday. At this time of the week, you can choose eight specific numbers. Seven out of eight are ordinary division numbers. They can be any number between one and 35. The eighth number is Powerball, which triggers the number one division prize. Here, the number can be anything from one to 20.

Another lucky day is Saturday. The day is dedicated to the Lotto players. So far, it has been one very successful venture, with almost 200 shows paying out 76 million, split among the lucky winners. Then, there are Super and Mega jackpots. These jackpots are awarded together with Lucky Lotteries. The total prize pool can be up to $129 million. The lucky day of Lucky Super Jackpot also falls on Thursday. Friday is the time for the Lucky Mega jackpot. In both cases, you have the option of choosing 10 specific numbers, which you think might win. Just trust your luck! 

Have you ever heard of a country that got 51 new millionaires in a single week? If not, now you know that this country is Australia. The Lotto, the lottery company has just given away a total prize pool of $58 million to 60 players, who won in division one. The days of the week that gave “birth” to newbie millionaires were Wednesday and Monday. 

Besides ordinary lotto tickets, there are also instant scratch tickets available. You can win more than $7 million instantly. Provided that you use your lucky hand and pick up the right ticket, of course! Just make sure not to tear up the ticket while scratching it. It is crazy to think that your millions might depend on that tiny piece of paper.

Some of the instant tickets can be as cheap as $1. The most expensive ones can easily cost up to $20. With that sort of ticket, the maximum win can be $1 million. May good luck be with you!