Gambling Community Benefit Fund grants are very successful in Somerset community groups

Oliver Noah

Gambling Community Benefit Fund grants are very successful in Somerset community groups

Grants are very important to every organization, no matter how big or small. Most often, grants are used to develop certain projects and address different issues, which affect a community. Certain organizations and foundations keep an active link with specific industries, which allows them to support their projects. In most cases, this done within the framework of small grants.

One of the best places to fund your project is by applying for grants in the Somerset region. There are four major community groups, which received the Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) grants. So far, they have benefited from over $86,000 in total. The four local clubs that have already implemented their projects, thanks to the financial support from the grants are Esk Bowls Club, Esk Jockey Club, Kilcoy Club, and Toogoolawah Bowls Club. 

The Gatton Star has already issued some of the reports or findings, which include the winner of Round 102. They have also published a review of the projects the group is willing to go ahead or proceed with. The projects include the purchase of a water tank and all necessary equipment for the clubs, the purchase of a tractor, upgrading the canteen facilities and installing a grandstand shelter. The final project concerns fitting a solar energy system. 

Deb Frecklington, a member of Nanango said that they are very pleased to see great applications, flowing in from the region. At the same time, they are proud of the winners and their lobbying efforts or skills that they have demonstrated, inputting the applications together. She also congratulated everyone on obtaining the grants. Frecklington said that all of the projects, which received grants will actively benefit the community. 

GCBF Grants 

The GCBF grants are available in five rounds, which open throughout the whole year. This is the single most meaningful opportunity for community groups to get together and work on pressing issues. Due to some changes in the grant guidelines, some groups are not eligible for funding anymore. It is important for everyone to take a close look at the new, updated set of guidelines. Before submitting your application, see if your organization still complies with the requirements of the call.

The next round for GCBF funding is going to close on 29th February, which means that there is still a half month left to put an application together. The deadline does not affect other grants or programs, administered by local councils. One of them is the Community Assitance Grants (CAG) program.

Last time, 12 local communities benefited from over $20,000 worth of CAG funding. This is a clear indication that the Somerset region is indeed very active! The communities are trying to take advantage of all of the opportunities that are available to them through various programs or local authorities. This is highly beneficial for the community as a whole: they bring everyone as a group, inspiring concern for collective well-being.

The next round of CAG will be launched by the local councils and is due to close on 31st March for Lockyer. In Somerset, all interested parties will be able to file in their applications until 24th April.