Fantastic Four: young players who can become golf stars

Oliver Noah

Fantastic Four: young players who can become golf stars

There are some people who were not lucky enough to determine their abilities on the first try or the second or even the third. It is very much okay to wait for the perfect time in order to show the full potential one has. Especially in sports, where the competition level is really high and basically all of the actions can be transparent for everybody, it might take some time before the sportsmen find their own niche and develop their skills. 

Unlike Adam Scott, some of the players have been successful in their fields, which is very common in sports. Despite the non-existence of the successful background of the players, they still have good potential. 

Jack Trent 

The debut of the UNLV junior was in October of this year. The Brisbane origin sportsmen finished 29th on his PGA Tour. Jack Trent is 20 years old. It was especially very hard for him to come to the mentioned position, while not even being counted in the world’s top 200. The survival move was the double-bogey at the very final hole of the tournament. 

As for now, he has been dismissed by a couple of firms, with the chances of 500/1. Some people consider it to be the wrong decision especially after the performed really well in Las Vegas. It is also said that despite the fact and considering the real skills the guy has, his chances can go up to 150/1. 

James Marchesani 

James just like Jack is another youngster from Australia, who most probably is yet underestimated. This might be true, or might not be. The matter of time. In the New South Wales Open that was held two weeks ago, James took the seventh place. He has had a great weekend and can come up to 56 – 10 in terms of chances. 

Jake McLeod 

This is the player that definitely has great potential, but can not yet put them on the plate well dressed yet. All of the previous cases and tournament tell about his skills and potential. The most important one is the final-round 63 for eight in Portugal. 

The drastic improvement can also be observed in his performance within the past two years. This can be said to be coming out of the fact that he came as the 24th two years ago, while this year he has crawled to the excellent third position, of the final-round 66. He began to show up while coming the 20th in 2016. Now being 25 years old Jake is a contender at 80/1. 

David Micheluzzi 

Being the only one in the list without the first letter of the name being J, David is also one of the most popular selections on the list.  

Great improvement has also been seen in the performance of David. He was fifth in the last year’s Australian Open when still being a very young contestant. He has been among the best unpaid golfers in the world and through his rise to the professional ranks was much anticipated. 

Considering the fact that things have gone really well and he had gone back-to-back to-10 finishes, it is very much possible for this event to be the moment for him to shine.