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Daily 5% Sports Insurance
Daily 5% Sports Insurance
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Casdep Sports betting website offers 5% cashback on losses

Ray Allen

Casdep is a website that allows users to play casino games and bet on sports all in one environment. With the support of a large number of sports and e-sports, it’s one of the most interesting destinations for the fans of sports betting. Another reason why you might decide to sign up on the website is the cashback bonus for sports betting. The bonus is called Daily 5% Sports Insurance and it gives a cashback of 5% on your losses from the past day. You will only receive the cashback if you’ve had a negative betting day which is defined as the day when your total losses exceeded your total winnings. Another requirement is that your total losses have to be at least $20.

To explain the bonus more clearly let’s think of an example. Say, on Monday you lost a total of $100 on sports betting and you won only $50. On Tuesday morning, you will receive $5 as a cashback. A great thing about this cashback money is that it’s wager free. You won’t have to fulfill any wagering requirements to be able to withdraw the winnings from the bonus. However, the cashout on winnings will be capped at 10 times the cashback. So, since in our example you got a $5 rebate, you’ll be able to withdraw a maximum of $50 of winnings that you will have accumulated by playing with this money. Another important thing to note about this bonus is that only finished game rounds will count in the calculations.

Such bonuses are a great way to alleviate the losses. Even if you have a bad betting day when you keep losing and the winnings can’t compensate for it, you’ll have something to look forward to the next morning in the form of a wager free cashback.