Book of Templar: new online slot by Slotmil

Harry Mason

Book of Templar: new online slot by Slotmil

Ancient history is full of myths and interesting figures as well as stories. In the past when there were no technologies and no modern gadgets everything had its own features and unique outlook. 

Exactly this is something that is always fascinating for the developers of the games, directors of movies and the artists generally. They can make new history and give the audience’s perception of their own on certain facts and figures. 

The games that have the ancient theme is not something new to the society and the gamers, though every time it is different and therefore it is interesting. One of the new products that will attract the attention of the gamblers is the new video slot game Book of Templar. If you are into history you might know the history of templars. If you are not, then it is as simple as soldiers. 

The Book of Templar is a new online slot game by Slotmil that is focused on the knights. While playing the game you will notice very vivid and immersive visuals and symbols. There will be dark reels with the cross symbols behind them and a hall of a castle that will be featured on the background of the slot game.

The RTP of the game is very impressive at 97%, which is quite high for the game. The game features 5 reels and 10 pay lines. There is a minimal amount of the coin per line which is $0.20 and the maximal size $5. The game also has a very impressive jackpot, which amounts to $600.000. 

On the reels of the slot game, the players will be able to find a few different regular symbols like playing cards. Though they will not be ordinary playing cards but made of metal and they come in different colors with the very unique decorations. There will be some more symbols like the holy cross, a shield and some more. If you are lucky enough to manage to land three or more golden books, which are a representation of the scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you will be gifted with 20 free spins. 

There is also one specialty about the game, just like the warriors had their secretive. There is one regular symbol that can turn into the magic one that expands and covers entire reels just to assist you in creating the winning combos. There is a wild symbol and it is no surprise that the wild symbol is templar himself. While having the winning combination the templar counts as a regular symbol.