Bond University and Chief Esports Club agreed on a partnership

Harry Mason

Bond University and Chief Esports Club agreed on a partnership

Now, esports is almost as common as regular sports. Esports championships and tournaments have been actively taking place everywhere in the world. More people, and especially aspiring students, have become interested in playing esports professionally. Yes, it is a perfectly viable career option! Parents are no longer very strict with the time spent playing… Even the educational institutions have started to take it seriously.

Let’s agree: it takes specific skills to be a successful esports player. We need places that discover and nurture talent. These abilities simply need some work and practice. Some of the institutions, and organizations, active in the educational field, have already adapted their programs to offer their students a professional start in esports.

The new deal is a great deal 

Great news for all esports aficionados: Chiefs Esports Club and the non-profit, employability-focused Bond University (Robina, Gold Coast, Queensland) have signed a three-year partnership agreement. The Chiefs Esports Club is an organization that provides professional assistance for esports players. They have proudly announced that from now on, Bond University will be its one and only official education partner. 

The partnership will be very beneficial for both bodies. Without a doubt, it will be crucial in creating, and further down the line, shaping the local esports landscape. The partnership or cooperation will also enhance the knowledge and understanding of the current, existing landscape. It will surely help to pin-point to the areas, on which to focus.

The main aim of the partnership is to develop a local esports industry in Australia. The cooperation will focus on several key factors. These are most likely to revolve around stimulating student engagement in the project and promoting research or development. It will also work on identifying or finding fresh talent and skills. 

Both parties have already commented on the news. The CEO of Chief Esports Club, Nick Bobir said that they are very happy to have a chance to work with one of the leading universities, in the field of esports. They hope that they will be able to develop the gaming culture in Australia together. He also added that they will focus on creating the right path for career progression in the industry. This should contribute to a healthy gaming community in Australia. The organization will provide internship placements for the students, who are involved in Bond University’s esports initiative. 

The Executive Director at Bond University, Garry Nucifora has also commented on the news, stating that he finds the partnership very advantageous. Why? It will contribute towards a more developed and sophisticated esports landscape, with benefits for all parties. He also said that the main aim of the university is to be able to offer its students the best, and the most professional, study environment. The esports is no exception. Professional players will not just be “professionals” in the gaming sphere: they will also gain an insight into the business and operational aspect of esports.