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BlueBet starts to offer a match bonus of up to $100

Harry Mason

BlueBet starts to offer a match bonus of up to $100

There are many promotions and bonuses you can take advantage of at BlueBet but one is especially interesting for those who are just now considering signing up on the platform. For the newcomers, BlueBet has come up with a match bonus that will match the very first Australian racing bet stake you make on the website with a racing bonus bet of up to $100. In order to participate in the bonus, you have to place your first Australian thoroughbred racing bet. In response, the casino will give you a reward in the form of a bonus bet.

The types of bets that can participate in the offer include fixed, tote, win, win/place, place only and exotics. However, those who make BlueBoost Bets can’t take part in the bonus. You can only have one qualifying bet on this bonus and if you place multiple bets in the same bet slip, only the first one will be considered. In total, you can receive a maximum of $100 from the bonus and you will have 14 to place wagers with that money. The bonus has to be split in 4, 10 or 20. You will get to choose how it’s split on your own. For example, you can make 4 bets of $25, 10 bets of $10 or 20 bets of $5. You can’t divide the bonus bet in any other way. 

This bonus obviously adds more excitement to the betting process with BlueBet. Not only do you get to place a wager on your favorite horse racing event but you will also be rewarded for it with a bonus bet. This is just one of the many promotions you will encounter on BlueBet. The platform definitely works a lot on developing a great experience for its users and it understands how big part of that experience promotions are.