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BetSoft’s new Total Overdrive slot

Oliver Noah

BetSoft’s new Total Overdrive slot

Total Overdrive slot is one of its brand new slot games, with an original theme and outstanding graphics. Expect lasers and vibrant colors, as well as some great sound effects. Does it sound appealing to you? 

The new slot by BetSoft features a retro-gold style game. The slot is an entirely brand new version of the classic slot machine release. The developers found a creative way to give the game a second breath of life. They packed it with different and often surprising effects, features, and of course, a great winning potential!

Total Overdrive slot 

The minimum bet in the game is $0.05, while the maximum bet is $10. The game has an incredibly high RTP rate, which is 96.92% and medium volatility. The slot does not feature any progressive jackpots, though the maximum jackpot is $25,000. Quite impressive, is it not? 

50x stake is the most that you can get per line, which comes to $500. In total, it can go all the way up to $2,500. The multipliers are the feature, which is capable of taking the win up to 10x. Feeling lucky? This is when you can win the maximum jackpot, which is $25,000. 


One of the major features of the game is the Overdrive multiplier. The feature can boost your wins up to 10x. If you are extremely lucky, then it can continue running for up to eight consecutive rounds. Naturally, you can make very decent returns in each of these rounds.

Another interesting feature is the Total Overdrive wild symbol. The name is featured in the symbol itself. If you have any matching symbols on any of the lines, you will have to land a wild symbol as well. This will create a three symbol combination. Do you know what it means? Expect up to 50x on your stakes! 

The game itself is very interesting, thanks to multipliers. Multipliers are used to gain or win free spins, taking you to the next round. If you have any consecutive wins in the next rounds, your amount or winning combinations go up in value. The easiest is to achieve a 2x or 3x multiplier, during the game. It then resets back to the default, 1x multiplier.

Another worthwhile addition to the game is the Sticky Multiplier feature. It can be triggered at any point, during the gameplay. It is called “sticky” because it can last for eight rounds straight. It will keep on triggering multipliers, applying them to your wins. The good thing is that you can even “re-trigger” the feature and make it stay with you for a little bit longer. 

Symbols and design 

As already mentioned, the game pretty much follows a classic style. There are neon-style graphics. These graphics are quite unique to the game. You are not likely to see them in any other slot releases. There are distinct wild and scatter symbols, present in the game. What should you pay attention to? The wild logo, as it triggers different features. 

Some of the other symbols, which you might come across during the game are sevens, three bar logos, bells, diamonds, and of course, the iconic red cherries.