BetMakers agree on the cooperation with Tom Waterhouse

Harry Mason

BetMakers agree on the cooperation with Tom Waterhouse

There are many people in Australia who gamble, but the highest percentage are those who express a strong preference for betting. In fact, betting is the most popular gambling-related activity of all time!

There have been several reports, which give us a clearer indication of gambling rates and the overall popularity of gambling activities in the country. According to research, while the rate of all gambling-related activities is in decline, the betting rate has actually increased across the country. 

With the new partnership between BetMakers and Tom Waterhouse making the headlines, we can only expect this tendency to grow. With few exceptions, betting is a branch of gambling that speaks to the general customer, especially those who are in touch with racing or motorsports. 

New partnership 

Breaking the news, BetMakers Technology Groups announced its new partnership with the prominent Australian racing identity Tom Waterhouse. The betting operator has now finalized and signed the partnership agreement. BetMakers will develop and operate new betting products for the companies, associated with or linked to Tom Waterhouse. They will provide technology and services for, which is the brand behind the new betting software application.

What is more, the company will also be responsible for the Waterhouse global pricing and trading desk. The Waterhouse global pricing and trading desk’s priority is to grant access to any wagering operators, in a move powered by the BetMakers technology. What is new? The day-to-day bookmaking management will be allowed for almost every race. This is expected to reduce the total cost of operations while running a minimal risk. 

The price, and benefits for BetMakers, will be measured against the returns, generated from the application as well as the trading desk. This is closely specified in the agreement with the Waterhouse Group, as per the terms of the commercial transactions. The amount of revenue the new products will bring to BetMakers will also determine the number of options, made available through the rights. In other words, we can only expect them to grow.

Todd Buckingham, the Chief Executive Officer of BetMakers, said that the recently-made agreements are expected to bring significant financial impact, boosting the company’s business in the first quarter of 2021.