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BetEasy betting site comes with frequent promotions

Ray Allen

BetEasy betting site comes with frequent promotions

BetEasy is a trusted online betting platform in Australia that is another website affected by the new regulations. The platform has always been focused on providing frequent and unique promotions to its customers along with top-notch service and many exciting features. With the new regulations, it has become more difficult for the platform to structure these promotions. It is no longer allowed to provide certain types of incentives for its users. For example, you won’t find any welcome bonuses and similar offers on the website. They have been prohibited under the new regulations. You also won’t be able to find what promotions the website offers without creating an account on it first. 

The promotions on BetEasy take many different forms and most of them will be familiar to you if you have been betting online for some time. For example, you might come across a profit boost offer that will give you an extra percentage of your winnings. You might also encounter a refund bonus that will give you your wagered money back if you come really close to winning but still lose. For example, on horse racing, you might get the bet as a bonus bet back if your horse finishes 2nd instead of winning the race.

Promotions aren’t the only way BetEasy tries to differentiate its services. It also aims to come up with new and exciting features like the BetEasy Card that will make withdrawals from the website much easier. With the card, that will be linked to your betting account, you will be able to withdraw your winnings from ATMs or make purchases at retailers. Such features make BetEasy one of the top choices for people involved with online betting. There are a handful of other features and offers you will find exciting as well.