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Banana Jones slot game review

Harry Mason

Banana Jones slot game review

There is a clear reason why Realtime Gaming (RTG) is considered a big dog (and an old one) in the iGaming industry. Somehow RTG managed to come up with a whole different kind of breed, which is neither slot nor table game, but rather a board game!

Remember the game “Monopoly?”, then you’re about to experience a slight nostalgia. Game is actually about our main character who is trying to reach a mysterious temple in the jungle with our help but at the same time dodge a hoard of snakes that are sent by Leopold the Leopard.

What’s so special about Banana Jones?

As we have already mentioned, it’s a board game, but in this case, you’ll be wagering money to roll the dice and get your character as far as possible without landing on snakes and collecting everything on the way. Avoiding snakes is important because it will force you to slide back to its tail and thus hold you further from the temple.

Besides snakes, there are spaces on the board that can help you with your winning chances. Then there are gems and you’ll need at least three of them to receive a payout. Vines will also help Banana Jones to climb from one space to another and will give you a payout if you land on two or more of them.

Features and bonuses of Banana Jones

On the mainboard, you can actually trigger two features that will help to boost your wins, but the real deal is if you reach the temple at the end of the board. 

If you’re a bonus-oriented player, there is good news for you as this game is full of them. First of all, there are actually 7 spaces that will trigger the “Treasure Wheel” which can reward you anywhere from 1/10 of your bet up to 50 times your bet. Now there are some other surprises waiting for you such as “dices” – they’ll give you an extra roll of dice, which is extremely helpful when it comes to board games. 

Now let’s say you’re a real savage and got to the end of the board and finally reached the temple – this is called “Crystal Banana Quest”, where you’ll be given five different crystal fruits at the top of the screen and each of those fruits will pay their specific amount. The quest will end if you will open three fruits of one type – that’s when a total win will be calculated and go straight to your balance!

What would be an overall evaluation?

Banana Jones is obviously very unique casino game which is truly energizing as if you feel a new dose of enthusiasm rushing into your dicey veins.

What can push you away from this game is slow gameplay, unlike slots, it takes time and patience to go start to finish and even more time to hit a big payout.