Australia’s Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation welcomes a new leader

Harry Mason

Australia’s Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation welcomes a new leader

Australia is known to be one of the countries that care about gambling. The Australian government has not once adopted changes and laws for promoting responsible gambling in citizens and has introduced several initiatives in order to make the activity more reliable, safe and healthy. 

The main gambling regulatory body in the country is the Victorian Gambling Foundation (VRGF). The foundation has been operating successfully for the past years and has implemented some effective regulations in the community, but new changes are on the way. The main mission of the organization is to create a safe and sound gambling atmosphere for Australian players. The organization is also primarily responsible to the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation. 

The changes within the structure come with the change of the chair Julie Ligeti. Instead of Julie, the position will be occupied by Tass Mousaferiadis. As said, there are some more changes expected to be happening soon within the high echelons, who will be in charge of creating the new strategic gambling plan for the country. 

The new chair, Tass Mousaferiadis, definitely knows how it works and has some background experience. He has worked in the health and education sectors and is the chair of Eastern Health Services as well as Star Health. Besides those two positions, Mousaferiadis occupies the position of director of Foodbank Victoria. He has also been a part of organizations such as Beyond Blue and VicHealth. Moreover, he has been working for the VRGF since 2017. 

The Minister for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, Marlene Kairouz commented on the new appointment. She said that Tass will be a passionate leader of the company and will be able to provide a high-quality health policy in the sector. She is seen to be strongly confident in his abilities to lead the foundation and to make significant changes.

Ligeti is not the only member to be seen moving. Monique Conheady will also be leaving the board member position. She has been part of the board of the foundation since 2013. She is moving in order to hold the title of the Deputy Chair from now on. Monique is also the co-founder of Flexicar. She has also been the governing board member of Australia’s Environmental Protection Authority in the past.

Kairouz has also congratulated Conheady on her appointment and said that the whole board and the foundation are looking forward to the changes and challenges that come with the new blood flow in the vessels of the foundation. The changes always come with challenges, which are at some point crucial for the development and overcoming the challenges makes the companies and teams stronger and more bonded to each other. And this is the moment for changes for VRGF.