Australian Poker League Million tournament starts on 27th February

Oliver Noah

Australian Poker League Million tournament starts on 27th February

The Australian Poker League Million tournament is a top gathering spot for up and coming professional poker players from all around the world. If you take poker as a simple form of entertainment, then you are in the wrong place, my friend. This is a destination for people who take poker way too seriously. What do we mean? Games here last for hours. The stakes are exceptionally high, making the prize pool truly astronomical.

The APL tournament begins on 27th February and goes on until 9th March.

The total prize pool for the tournament is $1,000,000. Yes, you counted the zeros correctly! The prize pool is one million. The last person standing is set to take $250,000 home. The tournament is a reflection of online poker’s overwhelming popularity and how far it has gone until now. Mind you, many popular casinos still hold their own online poker tournaments. 

Who is in?

Remember, we mentioned that the world’s top poker players are surely due to attend the event. Do not underestimate any of them! Last year’s winner, Huss Hassan, won $300,000 in the main event. And now, consider this: he has also won the previous three tournaments as well. It is not a question of chance, probability or simple maths, but real skill and talent. This is what goes into this particular tournament.

All regular players are welcome to register for the event, alongside more skilled or professional players. Your enthusiasm is a very important contribution! But remember, you should bring a bucketful of skills and tricks, you are willing to use in the game. Especially if you want to compete with professional players seriously! There will be no blood on the battlefield, although a lot of sweat and nerves are pretty much a given.

What to expect? 

The APL is not only about sitting by the table, armed with a deck of cards. It is also about fun and making new connections, all while learning skills or fresh moves.

Some of the events during the tournament include APL Million Event, Monster Stack and the NHL Challenge. The APL Million Event starts on 29th February. The first table will be held on 29th, while the final table is set for 8th March. The buy-in for the main event is $1,500. So if you have some doubts about your skills, maybe you should reconsider? Although there is no one stopping you, especially if you are feeling lucky.

The next event is the Monster Stack. The buy-in for this event is relatively low for the tournament but objectively speaking, still quite high. Once you pay $1,100, you are eligible for the Monster Stack event. It starts on 3rd March and ends on the next day, 4th March. 

The final event, which also has the highest buy-in fee, is the NHL Challenge. This is definitely an event, which will make you think. Is it worth spending your $3,000 only on the entrance fees? Yes, you have to learn to trust your luck. The event takes place from 4th-5th March. 

Overall, the APL is one of the most spectacular poker events in Australia. One that definitely deserves keeping an eye on!