Australian poker industry takes a major hit due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Harry Mason

Australian poker industry takes a major hit due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Industries all over the world have been affected by the recent coronavirus outbreak. Many countries have gone into lockdown in March and have announced different emergency levels. Millions of people are in quarantine and businesses are at risk.

The poker industry takes the huge hit 

Gambling and especially poker play a significant role in the economy and social life of Australia and Australians. Hundreds of gambling-related events are held in the country every year. Some of the major events are the poker championships and tournaments. Thousands of people participate in and attend the events. Though, for now, all we can do is stream previous events and watch them, as COVID-19 is killing it softly. 

Every Australian casino operator received a call from the authorities to close the venues for the sake of safety and health of the citizens. With this move, the country tries to limit the spread of the virus among the country. The nationwide decision was announced in the second half of March and placed in measure by the end of the month. 

This decision was especially mindblowing for the poker industry, as no more poker rooms are available for the players, nor are the pubs or casinos. None of the major casino operators in Australia have yet commented on the decision and shutting down the casinos straight ahead. SkyCity announced the closure of its casinos, in New Zealand in three cities, once the government announced the alert of Level 3. The SkyCity closed casinos in Auckland, Queenstown, and Hamilton. 

No new dates and events have been announced from Crown Resorts, Crown Melbourne and Crown Pert yet. The Star Entertainment Group keeps the mouth shut as well. Supposedly, the statement or announcement should be made soon somewhere within the following weeks. 

As for poker events, the Australian Poker League, National Poker League, and World Poker Tour have all canceled their events within April. Further notice with the following directives and action plans should be issued within the nearest future. Australian Poker Tour is also among the events that have been canceled. The APT Sydney event was scheduled for April, though it was postponed. The major venue for the event was Poker Palace which is also closed due to the restrictions. 

Nothing is certain, but the only thing we know for sure is that only time will tell.