Australian gaming community to gather for the Summit in February 2020

Ray Allen

Australian gaming community to gather for the Summit in February 2020

EGR Australia Summit 2020 gathers gaming executives to address critical challenges and assessing the hidden opportunities in the Australian gaming market. This is an event that gathers gambling firms in the Australian market to discuss and brainstorm about the possible improvements to the current gambling scene. This year the EGR Australia Summit will be held 19 February, Hilton, Sydney.

The event covers discussions and debates on the critical topics in the Australian gambling scene. It also offers networking events and different meetings with the industry professional and as an attendee, you can choose a roundtable of discussions to attend. The Summit offers a variety of debate topics and roundtable discussions but not the ones you\re used to in more controlled settings. This event is truly mean to create meaningful discussions and the communication between the speakers and moderators with their audiences will be highly encouraged. 

If you’re deciding whether or not to attend the summit here are some of the highlights from the planned discussions that are already public. One of the first panels of the event will be an outlook in 2020 for the Australian market. The panel will discuss updates on advertising, regulation on a commercial and regulatory level. Anyone whos new to the industry and wants to have a deeper understanding of it should definitely attend this panel. The summit also offers an executive Q&A format where the audience gets to interact with the professional and ask the most pressing questions even though the overall theme of the event is preplanned. This time around the executive Q&A will focus largely on one of the most, if not the most popular question around gambling- which is how to win at betting and what’s the opportunity for Bookmakers taking on winners. 

If you’re already familiar with the Australian gambling scene and want something more though evoking the event has got you covered too. One of the most exciting panels of the 2020 summits will be titles innovation in betting- where should the focus be. 

The gambling community has long been among the pioneers who introduced innovations and adapt the latest technology to improve their customer experience. If you are already involved with the gambling community and are looking to improve upon it or to talk about future possibilities then this panel would be the right choice for you. 

The roundtable sessions are more directed towards those attended who know a lot about the issues and while less interactive it is equally as educational and interesting for those wanting to understand the industry better The first roundabout of the summit will cover the topic of leveraging data for a better player experience, how to maximize growth, using data to have a more informed view of the player and the risk scoring practices. This has actually been a very popular topic in the gambling community and could serve all the problem players as well as gambling venues to avoid risky situations more efficiently.

Some of the other important topics that the summit will cover are the protection of the user and empowering the consumer, by building a more responsible gambling strategy. In the future, if the gambling community wants to destigmatize the whole industry, at least partially there has to be some proactive approach towards promoting responsible gambling and to provide the customers with the tools to practice it. This panel discussion is extremely important to jumpstart conversations around responsible gambling and to normalize the idea that venues should also put in the effort to promote this approach.

Overall this is a very informative summit that is crucial for the industry and for its members in order to generate meaningful conversations around the topics and to maximize the growth and the success of the entire gambling community. It offers a great balance of industry professionals and amateurs to generate challenging discussions and promote change.