Australia witnessed a 67% increase of online gamblers

Harry Mason

Australia witnessed a 67% increase of online gamblers

Australia has one of the biggest gambling industries on the global scale, but right now the industry is trying hard to overcome this period, which might last for an uncertain amount of rime. Amidst the crisis,  the decision has been made by the government and health authorities to close all non-essential businesses across the whole country. Those businesses include bars, cafes, restaurants and obviously the casinos. 

Casinos have always been one of the most important and popular means of entertainment and thousands of people are visiting the gambling venue throughout the year. Now, when the casinos are all shut down, both the employees’ community and the customers are left with very limited choices. 

While the land-based casinos are no longer an option, people still have to entertain themselves while being in quarantine locked in their homes. Thus, the online casinos sound like a perfect decision and many Australian have already gone into that waters. 

According to the reports, the number of Australian online gamblers’ activity has increased by 67%  during the outbreak period. This number points to the serious pick up in unregulated operations. 

Time to set an alarm 

The significantly increased number of online casino users means that it is time to raise the alarm. The increased consumption of alcohol and tobacco stands along with an increased number of gambling activities. AlphaBeta and Illion are the two major companies working on collecting the data based on the habits of thousands of Australians. According to data analysts, online gambling has increased by 67%, while the sale of alcohol and tobacco has increased by 33%.

While the increased number of online gamblers is now one of the most important topics of discussions, it has been primarily linked to the lockdown regime due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

Monash University School of Public health and Preventative Medicine is one of the involved parties in the research. Charles, Livingstone, who is an associate professor of the university made the statement regarding new trending patterns. According to the research, an increased number of online gamblers is a vivid example of the alternative approach to the bars and casinos.