Australia will be the one who benefits from the EveryMatrix and AsianLogic partnership

Ray Allen

Australia will be the one who benefits from the EveryMatrix and AsianLogic partnership

Sports betting is gaining popularity from time to time. Many new operators and providers keep making new offers and new games to customers. While having a huge competition in the gambling industry it becomes hard for some companies to find their niche. Some of the companies and operators team up and thus provide customers with more enhanced opportunities and a variety of games. 

There are several giants in the market that are the major players, such as EveryMatrix, which is a global provider of solutions for the global gambling industry. Recently the news has been announced that EveryMatrix has entered a partnership with AsianLogic, the operator of major sports betting brands Dafabet and Nextbet. 

With this being said, it should be mentioned that the Asian-Pacific region will benefit from the partnership the most. Australia, which is one of the biggest players in the gambling industry is also a part of the Asian – Pacific region, meaning that the opportunities for the Australian customers will drastically increase and they will have even more options for games. 

A New Partnership 

The partnership agreement includes terms on EveryMatrix delivering its PartnerMatrix solution to AsianLogic. This will assist the operators to attract offline gamblers and expand the customer base of its major brands. On this basis, Australia will most likely contribute the most with its wide range of the customer base. 

PartnerMatrix is an affiliate management and agent system solution that provides operators with the intuitive and easy to integrate and manage software for efficient player procurement. The affiliate software help operators manage their entire affiliate program. The system is fully intuitive and customizable, which offers multiple languages and currencies, and it is easy to integrate and navigate through on different websites and platforms. 

Not only we are talking about the easy integrate software, but also a division which offers and agent system which is designed to enable sports betting and casino operators to create easily manageable and customizable agent network worldwide. Talking about the major player in the industry, Australia which has the highest rate of popularity of sports betting, it will enhance their ability to grow roots in the worldwide network as well as to offer their customers a variety of new opportunities, that will be safe and sound, which is of crucial importance for the country. The agent system also provides the creation of an agent hierarchy and can be adjustable to each individual operator’s needs. 

The partnership will also address the recently raised issue concerning the incoming wagers to Australian websites. With the collaboration of EveryMatrix and AsianLogic, they will retain control over incoming wagers while managing its agent network by using real-time risk data. 

It Is All About Asia-Pacific Region 

As mentioned previously AsianLogic aims at providing gambling products in the Asian-Pacific region. The company also operated some of the most popular online gambling brands in the region, most of them operating in Australia, which is the one to boost the market presence of more than a decade. One of them is Dafabet, that has been operating in the market since 2004.

Nikos Diakoumopoilos, Marketing Director of AsianLogic, has commented on the agreement with EveryMatrix, saying that they are very delighted to be able to be working with a company with great experience in the industry and they believe that the partnership will be a greatly successful one. 

PartnerMatrix CEO Levon Nikoghosyan added that “signing with AsianLogic to cater for two of their biggest brands, is an important win for our team” and that they are proud to “see large operators entrusting our software and the management of their valuable agent networks.”

The number of gambling costumes has reached more than 7 million with over 33.000 affiliates. This is due to the PartnerMatrix solutions, being supported by its two pillars an agent system and affiliate management software. In this numbers Australia as one of the biggest providers and biggest customer bases in the dominating position. 

Each of EveryMatrix’s solutions can work together as an entire, all-encompassing platform or as stand-alone products. EveryMatrix is among the very few industry representatives to offer their clients a complete affiliate marketing and agent management system package. It operates in both forms, of a unified and stands-alone solution.  

With this, PartnerMatrix is part of the huge EveryMatrix catalog, which includes a casino content aggregator and integration platform, a bonusing engine as well as a fully managed sportsbook and related sports data solutions. They also offer clients a payment processing product. The full package is one to desire for every company and with all of the services it is one of the best and the most sophisticated platforms, that will offer huge benefits to the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia.