Australia has three new Esports champions

Ray Allen

Australia has three new Esports champions

ESports tournaments are a serious gig for many contenders and their audiences. Australia’s Melbourne Esports Open Festival is a culmination of the national tournament that obviously doesn’t fall from the trend.

This year, after the heated competitions and brawls, three teams have won the champion’s titles in Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

Mammoth, ORDER, and Fnatic took the title after the series of complicated tasks and challenges over the course of the weekend, walking away with some hefty prizes as well.

Mammoth’s Oceanic Pro League champions title

Among the three victorious teams, Mammoth was the only contender first time ever to get into the finals. It had been building this premiere League of Legends team for a year to get the Oceanic Pro League title, while the team itself was created just two years ago.

After a sweeping 3-0 semi-finals against Order, Mammoth found themselves in a final competition at Rod Laver Arena. Here they faced eight-time finalist Chiefs, who had been losing for the recent four years consecutively. This time was no exception.

Mammoth beat the Order by the same 3-0 score and took the Oceanic Pro League champion’s title. Now the team is getting ready to represent Australia at League’s World Championship in Europe later this year.

And all this in just two years!

ORDER protects its IEM-gotten title

Next up, Overwatch. While the game couldn’t offer international travel and worldwide champions title in its prize pool, the heat and challenge were still up and running. The two teams facing each other in the finals were Mindfreak and ORDER.

Mindfreak was a contender aiming to undermine the status quo by beating ORDER, the current title-holder of the championship. On the other hand, ORDER was protecting its title claimed at the IEM Sydney in May.

However, there was no disruption or undermining in the final competition. ORDER claimed a sweeping victory of 4-0 with its DPS player, Dale “Signed” Tang, destroying the opposing team at every single turn.

Fnatic’s Six Master’s title

0RGLESS and Fnatic were yet another finalists of the Rainbow Six: Siege played at the Six Masters tournament. There’s this trend that’s been going on for a while between the two teams, where Fnatic got the upper hand to its counterpart where it mattered the most. 

However, 0RGLESS had the chance to disrupt the status quo, beating Fnatic on Consulate with a score of 7-1. Fnatic then quickly restored its dominance by winning back-to-back 7-4 wins on Clubhouse and Kafe. As a final result, the team won the championship and walked away with $20,000 for their troubles.

The first two tournaments – League of Legends and Overwatch – will return in 2020, while the Rainbow Six: Siege is still running on its 10th season.

All in all, these Esports tournaments prove to be not only entertaining to contenders and audiences alike, but it also produces some pretty lucrative prize awards. Fnatic and its $20,000 prize are enough to prove the point.