Aussies that have played for the famous English Aston Villa Football Club

Harry Mason

Aussies that have played for the famous English Aston Villa Football Club

Aston Villa is one of the founding members of the world-famous Football League of 1888 and of the most-watched football series across the world- Premier League. The club has a rich history of 145 years and has seen a lot of great football players. Although when it comes to Football Clubs where you come from might not always be the best indicator, It is still fascinating that so many Aussie players made it to Aston Villa. If you’ve ever wanted to know if there were any Aussies mong the famous Aston Villa club, we’ve combined a list of 5 Australian Football players that have played for the iconic British team from Birmingham.

Mile Jedinak

The first player we will be talking about is from Perth and has been with the team since 2016. But sadly, Chris announced that he was released from the club earlier this summer. During his three years at the club, he accumulated a loyal fanbase, that was heartbroken to hear the recent news. He played as a center-back and defensive midfield for the team. He has made 80 appearances with the team, but they were becoming quite short towards the end of his career at Villa. When speaking with the fans through social media he expressed gratitude towards every team member that has helped him along the way and wished nothing but the best for the team in the future.

Shane Lowry 

Next on our list is Shane Lowry who is also from Perth. He started his youth career in football at ECU Joondalup and then signed with Aston Villa in 2005. Although he spent 4 years at the club he only made 4 appearances and generally didn’t get much playtime at the team. He was on four different loans during his years at Aston Villa so he didn’t manage to contribute much to the gamed of the iconic English Football Club.

Chris Herd

Chris herd had the privilege of starting his youth football career at Aston Villa. He spent 3 years at the club starting from 2012 as a senior player but before that, he was fairly active within the team. He was able to become a part of the Aston Villa through the Australian club called  Bayswater City SC IN 2005. Herd signed a two-year deal and after which he stayed with the team leaving for multiple loans across five other teams.

Jordan Lyden

Just like Shane Lowry, Jordan also began his career at ECU Joondalup and managed to fight his way through Aston Villa. He managed to become a part of the Aston Villa Academy at the age of 16 and stayed with the team for the next 7 years up until 2019. His career at Aston Villa was inconsistent with some good games. He has a strong start back in 2016, after transitioning from the academy but the sheer amount of injuries always set Jordan back. He tried his luck again in 2019 at the club but managed to get the injury 10 days after returning from the 1-year loan at Oldham Athletic. So he also announced about him leaving the club via social media this year.

Brett Holman

Brett Holman has one of the shortest careers out of all the Aussie players. He was there for only one season from 2012-2013. His appearance at the club was quite impressive but scoring the goal during his debut game. He was first on the pre-contract agreement, becoming the player in July of 2012. But at the end of the season, he was released from the team by mutual consent and joined Al Nasr in Dubai.